Sunday, November 9, 2008

We Heart our new stuff

My girls were clamoring over these bows - I could hardly get them away so that I could take a picture! These are on the barrette type clip by the way. I will be adding them to my Funky Finds shop (see pink button on the side bar) as soon as I get a chance - probably tonight. 
This one is on a barrette and the SMC begged to wear it today!!!! (There are Baseballs on the red ribbon that she really liked)
Now I got the idea to make these from someone at a soccer game - they are SO soft and great! 

The BBG told me - Mommy - we gotta keep this polka dot one - I really love it! 


Dee said...

the bows are ADORABLE and I'm LOVIN the blankets..they look SOOO soft and comfy!