Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday!!!!!

Love Mondays - love Not Me Mondays! Thanks McMama!!!!!

ok this week I did not....

Bake chocolate chip cookies and then eat a whole lotta of em that night after the kids were in bed.

I did not

Put away the cloth diapers and buy an ENORMOUS box of boy pull ups because the B Squared freaks out every time I put a cloth diaper on him - no idea why - he just does not want to be environmentally responsible for even one more minute - he has drawn the line at the age of 2 and I went along with him because I am out of resolve (both the kind you spray on the carpet when the little boy pee goes everywhere like an out of control fire house AND the kind that would cause me to stick to me guns and make him keep wearing the cloth diapers.)

Stop last Thursday after dance and buy the kids McDonalds and myself a Quarter Pounder with cheese. That would go against my whole no fast food thing so there is no way that I would do that. My children were not at first puzzled when I asked if they would like to go drive through and get dinner from McDonalds at which time the poor sheltered souls who have had McDonalds breakfast but can't remember the last time they went there for lunch or dinner asked "sure - what do they have?" Then we did not drive down the road happily and triumphantly eating our delicious non nutritious food grinning like fools. (I will not tell you how AWESOME that hamburger tasted.) The two little ones were not sitting in their car seats in the middle waving their happy meal toy in one hand and a chicken nugget in the other hand as if they had just come across the most amazing thing in the world. I did not ask the BBG sitting in the way back if her food was good and she did not say - "BURP - oh yes Mommy" - I mean - she is a dainty princess - she would never do that!

I certainly did not tell them that we could do it again - every time there is a new month - we can have dinner at McDonalds after dance - once a month - every month - and secretly in the back of my head I never ever wondered if I shouldn't loosen up and make it once a week. :)

The BD did not say when he heard about our McDonalds adventure - "you go Babe - cuttin' loose"



{Ashley B} said...

ha ha that is to funny. too bad you did not do any of those things. if you had i would say "thank you for making me feel somewhat normal." :)

Kameron said...

I love your resolve coment. It almost made me choke on my water!! My hubby probably would say that too if I ever let the kid eat that stuff. I do once in a while, but usually in secret!!!

heidi said...

The resolve comment made me LOL!!!

You sounded like a McDonalds commercial there for a minute..LOL I could totally picture it!

Jo-Jo said...

I am just happy if my kids eat! I wouldn't care if it was Micky D's! But boy does that make me feel like a bad mom.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

No more cloth diapers, huh? Curious little guy. I had to stop cloth diapering my guy when he constantly wet through them 20 minutes after putting them on. I mean, there are only so many inserts you can stuff in there..... ;)

Your trip to McDonald's makes me want to go there right now, and it's 11:30 at night!