Sunday, November 30, 2008

Note To Self

Do NOT hit Self Clean on the oven after cooking a 20 pound turkey. I thought I was going to have to send the BD out for 3 little pint sized smoke protection/oxygen masks. 

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker!!!!!! Explained

I keep forgetting to explain this - 

I went through a little phase shortly after my 3rd was born where I was a touch frazzled - I know that is very difficult to imagine - but with a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a newborn - I suddenly found myself using a variety of exclamations that I had never used before. One of these involved using the name of my Savior (whom I love and serve and really try hard not to use His name in vain) and his Mother and Father. Those three names together do sort of just roll off the tongue - you have to admit. Well - religious ideology not withstanding - I really could not be spouting out those names all the time with Little Pitchers with big ears repeating my every word and for whatever reason at that time in my life - it was a hard habit to break UNTIL I discovered a wonderful new exclamation....

Sarah Jessica Parker
It just rolls off the tongue with the exact same syllabic melody of the other but no offense taken by anyone other than the most die hard of Sex and the City fans and my thinking there was - hey take it as a compliment - a name so melodic and recognizable that it is an actual exclamation? So that is how it was born - instead of J,M, and J - I now shout with alarming regularity - "Sarah Jessica Parker that was loud" or sigh "Sarah Jessica Parker that scared me to death" or groan "Sarah Jessica Parker get out of the toilet".... you see? Watch out - it is very addicting - you could become a SJP exclamation junky just like me in the blink of an eye! 

Morning, Merry SITSmas!, Thanksgiving Recap, Bow Bloggy Business - AKA - Way Too Long of a Title

OK I could not be more excited - The Secret is in the Sauce is having a Merry SITSmas on December 2nd and guess whose name is up there as we speak - yes - us at humble I Heart Bowheads!!!!!!!!! Hooray - Yipppeee - Mucho Excitement - Holy Cow - Sarah Jessica Parker - I need to get making some bows!!!!!!!! 

Anyway - several things to post about today - I am in the blogging weeds

 A - Thanksgiving - may more pics to come but I did have to quickly say that it went really really well )as the Little Buddy would say). All 20 people happy, well fed, minimal drama, big fun. A couple of things that I pulled off that I am somewhat proud of and feel the need to share.......

The Homemade Placemats - they turned out cute (I thought) and the table looked really festive!
Crockpot Corner
I highly recommend this! I will post my mashed potato recipe later (speaking of - we did have a potatoe/potato tomatoe/tomato discussion that I failed miserably (I was already hitting the adult beverages mind you) and made my SIL's night I am sure. But anyway - that is neither here nor there - the important things are A. Crockpot Corner worked great - two different family recipes of green bean casserole (yes we have the great canned versus frozen divide amongst our families - we are working very hard to bridge the gap and still live in peace), two crockpots full of mashed potatoes, and a big one of stuffing. Worked out Great and B. I have got to fix those blinds in my kitchen - good grief - I looked at this picture and went - egads! 
Now on to B - some bloggy bow business - if you are a first timer here at I Heart Bowheads - welcome - greetings - happy to have you - very exciting - please follow me - I am 13 followers strong at the moment and follow my followers (read stalk) obsessively so join in the bloggy love I say! 

Sigh - digressing again - sorry - back on point - anyway - I also make hairbows - most specifically - cute baby clips and awesome ponytail holders. The ponytail holders I would say are my specialty. :) I can and do make big girl bows on big girl clips but have found that there are a MILLION Moms out there just like me that make wonderful big fancy bows and I would not dare to compete with their greatness. What I make for my girls (and my neighbors and the soccer team and the pta and so on and so forth) that has been very successful is the ponytail holders. Now - this part of my post is getting long winded - don't go away - don't stop reading - I will stop typing now - wait I am still typing - what is the matter with me.
Long Bow story short - these are some examples of what I make - I have so many cute Christmas ones right now - I can't even get pictures made fast enough - I can make pretty much anything - you name the outfit - I will have a blast making the ponytail holder or bow. 
The best part about me - I am in this for the blog (I should have named it I Heart Blogging) AND to make quality things that my friends can actually afford. 
I do have a shop up at Funky Finds - you can click on it in my sidebar - also - just email me and I will make them for you! I only charge 3 dollars per ponytail holder plus shipping and paypal fees so email away!

Now - all done with my sales pitch - I am off to see Madagascar II with the fam and then home to put my bow basket together for SITSmas and blog about Thanksgiving. 


Friday, November 28, 2008

A Flying Leap

Only have a second to post - I have a pressing Uno game to play with the BBG but had to post this picture from the leaf pictures that I took recently. It makes me feel free and is going to be my mantra for the upcoming holiday season. When in doubt - take a leap into something fun! Go ahead say it out loud - it will make you feel good!  If you are tired or stressed or up to your ears in Christmas decorations - don't forget - it is still November - there is plenty of time - let yourself go and...

Take a flying leap into something fun! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

and all through the house 

Not a creature was stirring - not even a mouse. 

The tables were arranged with obsessive care

In hopes that the relatives would be happy there. 

The children were nestled all snug in their beds 

Battered and traumatized from the many times that Mommy said....

Do not make a mess - don't touch that it's clean! 

The Mommy worked hard to not be too mean. 

and Mamma in her sweat pants 

and Daddy in his hat 

Were never going to get 

Their much deserved nap

When from the kitchen there arose such a clatter 

I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter. 

Away to the pantry I flew with a dash. 

Threw open the door and let out a gasp. 

When what to my exhausted eyes should appear 

but a bad little pug with no morals or fear 

Doing the best that she knew how to do 

To hoist her fat self to the top shelf of food. 

She was little and feisty and naught and quick 

I knew in a moment that I never should kick

More rapid than eagles my coursers they came 

and suddenly words came out of my mouth much too horrible to name! 

At this point I am not sure that I remember the song

Plus there is still much to do and my rhyme is too long. 

I will gladly exclaim as I turn off the light 

Happy Thanksgiving to all 

and to all a good night!!!!!! 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! 



Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday

Ok here are all the things that I did not do this week.......

I DID NOT accidently drop a Pug 

I DID NOT cry when the BBG did her ballet recital piece for the Mommas. It was not to that song about Jesus being the reason for the season and I was not the only Mommy in there boo hooing it up hiding my face in the two little blond heads that were sitting in my lap watching their big sister in awe. 

I DO NOT still rock the Little Buddy to sleep at nap time. He and his Daddy have come to a big boy agreement at bed time and Daddy puts him to bed every night "like a man" but I would never continue to rock him for as long as I feel like during the quiet middle of the day when he wants to be held - nope. 

I am not having a small case of bloggers block at the moment causing me to forget all of the funny, cute, witty, and moving Not Me's that I have been thinking up all week - nope not me - I always have something to say. 

I will not be back later to update my post with some more of the ones I forgot......

Not Me 

Sunday, November 23, 2008

'cary Moobie - I 'tect you......

All three kids were upstairs watching Sleeping Beauty. 

The girls cuddled up and the Little Buddy came up and squeezed in between them on the little purple futon saying, 

"cuse me, cuse me giwls (girls) cuse me" 

Then he turns around and looks at me and says very seriously, 

"'cary moobie Mommy, 'cary moobie"
(You know Maleficent turns into a dragon - it is pretty scary) 

Then he leans back in his little fuzzy firetruck jamas with feet, puts both arms around both girls and says,

 "I's ok giwls, I 'tect you, I 'tect you" 
Translation: It's ok girls, I'll protect, I'll protect you

Oh my little Mommy's heart was so bursting with love....

Go check out a contest

If you are one of the 2 people left that do not read McMama's blog go check her out for a cool Fryday contest - yes I know it is Sunday - playing catch up here. :) If you have not read her story, pour yourself a nice cup of coffee, put the kids down for nap and be prepared for an AMAZING story! 

Friday, November 21, 2008

A funny fellow in a big boy bed Friday Fhoto Fiesta

Sigh - I fear that my little fellow is getting far to big too fast!!!!! 
No more cribs in my house! 

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Thousand Words Thurday

I need no words - only one title....
Trouble In Action 
I believe I am going to coin a new phrase - instead of being caught with your hand in the cookie jar - how about a foot in the toy bin? 
Cheaper Than Therapy

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A pug in a pile

Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday

I am not so behind that this is the first time I have been on my computer or looking at all of my new BFF's blogs! 

I idd not do 3000 loads of laundry today and just get them put away. 

We did not put my baby boy into a big boy bed yesterday. There is no way that I let the crib walk out of this house. I am not finished having babies and I am not at all emotional about how quickly they are all growing up. 

My first grader did NOT jump in the car today after school and say, "Good news Mommy - turns out we are not broken up"


My four year old is not having anger management problems. 

I did not finish making birthday party invites for a child of mine's 7 year birthday - no way I have been a Mom that long! 

I am not addicted to my new lip gloss that Stephanie (see secret swap post - I will link her up later) gave me. 

I am not sitting here typing while the BD is in our nice cozy bed with clean sheets waiting for me. 

No way - that would be silly - not me! 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

How cute is this?


My Favorite Things Box......

My favorite things partner Stephanie was WAY more on top of things than I am and I got my swap!!!!!!! Here is the story. Stephanie - you are the best best best and I am wrapping presents as we speak or type or whatever.......

On to the story......

OK - so first I have to say -  was excited about doing this sure but I had NO IDEA that it would be such a thrill for me! I came home, saw that box on my front porch and bam - my day was made!!!!!! Here is my exciting present journey :) 

A box of presents all for me - right smack in the middle of an every day day in November 
Here are all my presents 
First present - My favorite Eye beauty item 
Awesome - me too!!!!!!! 
Favorite locally made chocolate 
This was after all the little hands started pawing through MY chocolate :) 
My favorite home treat 
Sarah Jessica Parker - me too!!!!!!!! 
My favorite body care lotion 
My favorite Jolly item - how cute is this? 
My favorite item of all time - I am FREAKING out about this one because I LOVE LOVE LOVE these foaming anti bac soaps, Vanilla Bean is my favorite scent of all time AND I have never ever ever tried this. Sigh - can you tell I am really happy? 
My favorite home treat part 2- have I mentioned that I love these? 
My favorite lip beauty product - once again - Sarah Jessica Parker - I am a little freaked out at this point - how does this person know me so well???????? Vanilla - hello- vanilla addict - lip stuff - hello lip stuff addict 
sigh - again 
and finally - to wrap it all up - MORE CHOCOLATE!!!!!! 


Day 3 Blog Party - a day late

Sponsors: Day Three Blog Party Question is Brought to you by Appledonia, Hippos Toes and My Bag

VIP BLOGS to visit are Parent Reviewers , Mom Most Traveled, Mommy Zabs, MomStart, HipposToes, Run DMT

ok - so sorry - I am sort of in the blogging weeds around here at I Heart Bowheads- so get ready for a bunch of posts :)

Here is my day 3 answer

A. Have I started shopping for the holidays

Answer - nope, not one thing, not even wrapping paper yet - is Christmas coming? Really? I am in denial and totally unprepared


B. Do we budget - in years past we have budgeted family and kids gifts and the last couple of years we have waited until after Christmas to buy each other a gift which has been fun!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Favorite Things Box......


I cannot tell you the last time I was this excited!!!!!!!! 

The box looks so great - so many wrapped things just for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I opened one - her favorite make up.... more pics to come - I have to go to dinner with friends and want to really enjoy it and take pictures of every one so I am FORCING myself to wait and not tear open every package to delay the gratification. 

Sarah Jessica Parker - I am so excited!!!!!!! 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Photo Phinish Phriday

Perhaps you can please permit me to pontificate for a parasecond on a perfectly positive playing pastime called Pac Man! 
Sigh - I am way too tired to keep up with my alliteration but I do really love love love this picture. I feel like I sort of captured (not tooting my own horn here just saying why I like it) how she feels. I am always trying to catch glimpses of childhood - I think I might have caught one right here......


Blog Party Day Two

Christmas Traditions 

Daddy Time!!!!! 

Gingerbread houses

A real tree - love that smell - not so crazy about those needles on the floor

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blog Party

This is fun and I am going to get way more into this one tomorrow!

For tonight - here are a few memories of Christmas's past!
The BSquared two Christmas's ago in his super sharp snowman outfit
Putting up Christmas lights in Texas in T Shirts last year

Snow in Texas!!!!!

Wordless Wednesday

Check me out on the Funky Finds blog!!!!

I heart Funky Finds is all I have to say - SUCH a great website!!!!!! AND I she said nice things about my bows on the blog today - hooray!!!!!! 


Lots to do today - very little time to do it in - off to swim lessons with the smalls so hopefully I will be back on at naptime IF I pull together the terrible horrible very bad mess that we made having so much fun playing yesterday and I was too tired at the end of the day to pick up. 


Oh yeah and don't forget my giveaway on Homemaker Barbie

Visit I Heart Bowheads!
The Shops @ Funky Finds

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My first blog award :)

ok so I got this along with the gajillion other people that are participating in Mamarrazi's  favorite things swap but you know what - I am as tickled as if I had been hand selected :) This is my first bloggy award and I am going to bear it and pass it on proudly!!!!!! 

Check it out

I am now proud to pass this along to.......

drumroll please...........
I am giving my awards categories :) 

BBFA (Best Blogging Friend Award)
Heather at Reese's View of the World because she is my buddy and I like to read all about her homeschooling shenanigans with the cutie patootie Reese. She also says the nicest things to me and makes me feel all mushy and good and glowy and like a decent person and a decent Mom and I appreciate that!!!!!! 

Best Writing
My next award goes to.....Candid Carrie I am a new reader of hers but you know what - when I am scrolling through my dashboard checking out what everyone has to say - I always stop at her - she makes me smile and is a really great read! 

Best Photography
Next I am going to go with Brittany at 4 Little Men and girly twins  because oh those pictures!!!!!!! My poor uterus just skips a beat every time.  
My friend and amazing photographer Christie Lucas who does really amazing work and I hope continues to get into the whole crazy blogging world. :) 

Next I am going to give my prettiest blog award to Kacey at Chronicles of a Mommy
I just love love love her grapics etc on her cute cute cute blog! 

I actually have a couple more that I want to give away but I am being called to go get dressed up like a princess and judge a soap making contest (yes I feel nervous and yes I am hurrying) so gotta do some more later. 


Why I love golf....not a post you will often read

I love these little 6 year old golfer legs......

I love this man teaching this little girl 

I loved parents day at LPGA girls golf. I loved that Mimi and Papa played with the two smalls so that Daddy and I could go and watch together with no distractions and I love that these two have this connection that they will hopefully share for a really long time! 

Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday!!!!!

Love Mondays - love Not Me Mondays! Thanks McMama!!!!!

ok this week I did not....

Bake chocolate chip cookies and then eat a whole lotta of em that night after the kids were in bed.

I did not

Put away the cloth diapers and buy an ENORMOUS box of boy pull ups because the B Squared freaks out every time I put a cloth diaper on him - no idea why - he just does not want to be environmentally responsible for even one more minute - he has drawn the line at the age of 2 and I went along with him because I am out of resolve (both the kind you spray on the carpet when the little boy pee goes everywhere like an out of control fire house AND the kind that would cause me to stick to me guns and make him keep wearing the cloth diapers.)

Stop last Thursday after dance and buy the kids McDonalds and myself a Quarter Pounder with cheese. That would go against my whole no fast food thing so there is no way that I would do that. My children were not at first puzzled when I asked if they would like to go drive through and get dinner from McDonalds at which time the poor sheltered souls who have had McDonalds breakfast but can't remember the last time they went there for lunch or dinner asked "sure - what do they have?" Then we did not drive down the road happily and triumphantly eating our delicious non nutritious food grinning like fools. (I will not tell you how AWESOME that hamburger tasted.) The two little ones were not sitting in their car seats in the middle waving their happy meal toy in one hand and a chicken nugget in the other hand as if they had just come across the most amazing thing in the world. I did not ask the BBG sitting in the way back if her food was good and she did not say - "BURP - oh yes Mommy" - I mean - she is a dainty princess - she would never do that!

I certainly did not tell them that we could do it again - every time there is a new month - we can have dinner at McDonalds after dance - once a month - every month - and secretly in the back of my head I never ever wondered if I shouldn't loosen up and make it once a week. :)

The BD did not say when he heard about our McDonalds adventure - "you go Babe - cuttin' loose"


Mission Monday


This is such a fun idea because I really read these three blogs looking for the answers instead of just quickly looking and moving on - I enjoyed it!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

We Heart our new stuff

My girls were clamoring over these bows - I could hardly get them away so that I could take a picture! These are on the barrette type clip by the way. I will be adding them to my Funky Finds shop (see pink button on the side bar) as soon as I get a chance - probably tonight. 
This one is on a barrette and the SMC begged to wear it today!!!! (There are Baseballs on the red ribbon that she really liked)
Now I got the idea to make these from someone at a soccer game - they are SO soft and great! 

The BBG told me - Mommy - we gotta keep this polka dot one - I really love it!