Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Day

We had the best two days in our PJ's! I loved being able to keep the Ladybug quiet - big surgery day in one week - and the kids were so sweet and good to each other! :) 

Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

This week - I did NOT wander all over Tom Thumb with two kids in my TV cart trying to find my husband with one kid in his TV cart literally in circles for literally 10 minutes. That would be ridiculous. 

I do NOT love those TV carts and wonder what I will do if I ever show up at the store and they are all taken. 

I did NOT schedule surgery for my first born this week. I am NOT at all freaked out by it and I am NOT researching all over the internet obsessively. 

Our Pediatric Surgeon did NOT get a funny smile on his face when I asked him a bunch of questions that I had obviously come up with while researching on the internet. 

My husband and aforementioned Surgeon did NOT each take an arm of my beautiful first born and jump her up and down like a Jumping Jack with all three of them giggling and grinning like fools trying to make the hernia "pop" out. 

This in no way shape or form made me nervous. 

After a Costco trip my husband did NOT take every shelf out of the fridge and scrub it top to bottom until it was sparkling white. 

This was NOT the hottest thing he has done in a really long time. That would make me a little sad - right? 

I did NOT love him more at that moment than I ever have. 

I do NOT still grin when I open that fridge a trillion times a day.

Inguinal Hernia

Well - here goes my bloggy friends - all you ever wanted to know about an Inguinal Hernia. Yes my Ladybug has an Inguinal Hernia. At about 37 weeks gestation (The Ladybug was finally forced into this world at 41 weeks after hours of inducement - she was really happy in there eating Chocolate Cookies and having the Mommy sing to her) 98 percent of babies have these two little holes that close. The other 2 percent - wind up with an Inguinal Hernia. 

If you are so inclined - you can read HERE and HERE all about them. Fortunately for my Ladybug we have the best pediatric surgeon in the Metroplex and it is a much easier procedure than it used to be. We are still of course freaked out and praying like crazy so a nice forward of this post to all of your praying bloggy buddies would be MUCH appreciated! 

She is scheduled for surgery on February 6th and we have to keep her quiet until then so I had to go into school today and talk with the nurse and the PE teacher and her First Grade Teacher (all of whom we HEART!) 

Anyway - gotta go work on my Not Me post - I bet I will have a bunch! 

:) Much Love 


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday


A Low -
Bye Bye Daddy - business trip :( 

A High********* Daddy's Home! 

A High********** Sweet warm kisses, soft nuzzles in my neck. Constant physical affection. 



A HIGH*************







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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Heart Aretha Franklin and other thoughts of this day - January 20, 2009

I actually got out of bed to come and write this post because - well - heck - I witnessed history today and I had to go ahead and post about it. :) 

Democrat or Republican - you GOTTA admit - this was a big big day. I LOVE stuff like this so here are some random impressions from this day that I thought I would jot down in no particular order. :) 

Like I said - I LOVE stuff like this - I love the tradition - I thought it was so cool the way all the past presidents came out - how amazing is it that he was sworn in on the Lincoln Bible that has not been used at an inauguration since Lincoln's in 1861. Can you imagine being Michelle Obama and holding that thing? Good grief - I would have been a nervous wreck. :) 

I HEART Aretha Franklin and her awesome ginormous big bow hat. How great was that? Make fun if you will but one day when I get to the right age - I am gonna get me a big bow hat - mark my words! 

I am so hot for Brian Williams I can hardly stand it. (Sorry honey - you know you are the only one for me) but really - I LOVE Brian Williams and I totally dug watching him on TV all day. He makes me melt like butter. He just told the fashion lady that he was talking to about all the fashion stuff that he is a little concerned about his fascination with this subject matter but they would be back after the break anyway. :) 

I am so amazed by the men and women in our armed services - how great are you guys? I want to publicly state for my loyal 21 followers (would really love to have some more by the way - feel free to sign up :) and of course my Mom who reads my blog that I am so appreciative of the amazing job that they do and the sacrifice that their families give every single day. 

Poor Bob Woodruff - I am not totally sure he is over his head trauma - he was just a little shaky if you ask me. If you have not read the book about how he got hurt and got better - do it - such a good read and it will make you kiss your husband good night! 

I was in the 3rd grade when the Challenger exploded and I remember A LOT about that day. I told the BBG who is in First Grade that she needs to remember this day - such a big deal. I really think I am going to always tell the story of this day - that the two little ones and I stayed home and watched and reclaimed the game room floor. I want to remember what it was like to be stuck at home with little kids and a messy house. I want to remember the momentousness of this. I really think I will be telling this story - hence the speedy typing. 

I am totally cracking up at the pictures of 30 million cameras. I would have to bring like 4 memory cards because I would have just been going click click click  click. 

I told my 2 and 4 year olds that today was a piece of history and they both said - in unison -- "histowy"? :) I want to remember that. My 2 year old son was also very confused by my TV watching today. I normally make a point to watch no TV while the kids are awake during the day

I LOVED it when the little girl (man she looked young) from the Armed Services that got to dance with President Obama at whatever ball it was and Ann Curry asked her if she was nervous and she said - (Quote of the day by the way) "Ma'am - I'm a soldier - we can handle pressure." 

How sad that Tim Russert did not get to be there? He would have loved this. 

How excited is Laura Bush to be in a bed in Texas? 

How cute was Dr. Biden's outfit today? LOVED the red coat. LOVED those boots. I would have been crippled if I had walked all day in those boots but oh so so so cute. 

How great were the Obama girls jackets - I bet J Crew got a bunch of hits today. Of course Mrs. Obama looked amazing as well. 

I had no idea that Chief Justice Roberts is the youngest Chief Justice we have had in 200 years. 

Well - I have probably rambled on enough - gotta get to bed so I am not sleepy tomorrow. :) 

Much love! 


Monday, January 19, 2009

I am NOT stuck.....

I am not at a total loss for funny Not Me's this week. 

I am NOT a little confounded by Twitter. 

I did NOT pop a Pug named Penelope this week - that would be Pug torture and Pug Protective Services would probably set up a patrol on my doorstep. 

The aforementioned pug did not get caught going pee on the floor. 

My four year old daughter did NOT look at me in the changing room after a swimming party this weekend and ask me - "Mommy - why do you have fuw down thew?" 

I did NOT just share a story on my blog of my child asking me why I have fur down there. 

My answer was NOT - "remember Baby - we talked about how God made boys and girls different and that boys and girls grow up to be men and women?" 

To which my Sweet Middle Child did NOT ask - "So Mommy - I am going to look like you when I grow up?"

I did NOT hold my breath and say sort of sheepishly - "um yes" 

She did NOT grin, sigh and say "well that's a welief" 

Then the conversation ( as well as this post) was NOT over!) 

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Picture

I liked this idea from over at 4 Little Men - Random Picture - soooooo here is my January #8 pic :)

I snapped this picture because I loved the way that my two smallest were so captivated by the dogs and just sat, side by side, and watched while we were waiting for the SMC's pre school to start. :) 

I liked this idea from over at 4 Little Men - Random Picture - soooooo here is my January #8 pic :) 

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

Friends - I fear I will forget the fabulousness of these feet. Fred Flintstone Feet we say. These feet are such fun. They flap and tap and follow their path fearlessly. 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A flower for you Mommy... and one for Daddy

Thank you Baby Girl

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"I can't kiss you Mimi...

...because I have the bad kind of pooping but it's nothing sewious."

This was the statement made by my four year old when her Mimi came to the door because she had been given strict instructions to not climb on her on account of any germs she might share. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

Ahhhh I love Not Me Mondays and have some good ones this week :) 

This week I was NOT asked why Daddy and I were "sleeping" on the same side of the bed. 

I did NOT respond that we were cuddling.......
(sorry Mom for the Too Much Information if you are reading) 

I did NOT just look back at my calendar for the week to come up with some more Not Me's. 

Strep throat did not come to visit my house this week. 

A stomach bug did not come to visit my house this week. 

A terrible toddler head cold did not visit my house this week. 

I do not HATE cold and flu season. 

I am not becoming a complete and total germaphobe. What am I talking about becoming - I am not a complete and total germaphobe. 

I am NOT so excited that I already have dinner in the crock pot and therefore I am NOT sitting here working on my Not Me's while the kids are watching Hi 5. 

I am NOT down 11 pounds since the first of the year using my new lifestyle change. 

This does NOT make me very excited. I also have NO desire to go drink a coke or eat something with cheese on it (part of the lifestyle change that is working so well). 

There is not a Pug named Penelope dragging a soccer goal across my backyard literally as I type. 

We did NOT have to take the mattress off of our bed and do a major under the bed cleaning because of said Pug. 

I did not find three lost shoes that were very happy to find their mates in my closet. 

I certainly did not find two granola bars, 4 Little People, a small soccer ball, three socks, and an empty can of Organic tomatoes under this same bed.

That is NOT a bad Pug. 

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A quick couple of things I love

A Pug in a down coat

Little kids in Jammies with feet 

A big man rolling around on the floor wrestling with giggling little children

A clean living room and a fire in the fire place 

No dishes in the sink 

Sleeping children 

A good book 

Clean sheets 

There are no words

I just watched something for 11 minutes that made me cry. I will warn you - if you click on this post - you will cry - probably hard. I am also going to go walk out of this bedroom after watching this - a happier, more grateful Mom and a humbled follower of my Maker.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

First off, funnily enough, this Friday Foto Fiesta photo is phrofiling (stretched a little bit on that one) our fancy final night of the year festive treat. After our fabulous fiesta at our favorite Mexican food place, we headed to Steak and Shake for our splurge shake special savory ensemble (switched consonants - can you tell?) We said - sure I will savor this sippable sundae since it is a special occasion! 

Twitter Moms: The Influential Moms Network

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My poor car - Wordless Wednesday turned wordy because I just had to explain.....

This is what it looked like AFTER I took everything that does not need to be vacuumed out
This is the bag of trash - just trash - that I took out
This is the GINORMOUS bag of stuff that I took out.... this does not count the bags, backpacks, coats, and sweaters 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am defined by my family

Yikes - I realized something on Saturday that I am wrestling with.....

I am completely defined by my husband and my children! 

I got to actually go sit at Starbucks with a friend and run to Kohls and the dry cleaner. I was in the BD's car and I really felt so strange. It was great - don't get me wrong BUT I am so rarely alone - so rarely without at least some of them that I felt strange. When I drove through the dry cleaners, I wanted to explain to the woman why I was in the car and not the minivan with three car seats. I was sitting outside of Starbucks enjoying the beautiful day (Texas weather - it was 80 degrees on Saturday and high of 45 on Sunday) Anyway - I digress.......outside of Starbucks, I felt like explaining to the people around me that I am really a wife and a mother and was just taking a short break. 

I also - don't really care. Right now - my life is all about them and you know what - that works for them and works for me. I don't think I am losing myself but really finding myself.....

Anyway - the Mom "debate" has always made me crazy. Why is it a debate? Why would I ever dream of telling you whether you should go to work or stay home? Would I tell your husband that? No - it is none of my business what my sisters chose to do - I make my own choices - I let them make theirs......... I consider myself a proud strong stay at home Mom - my choices, my decisions. I was surprised by the realization that at this moment in my life - my work, my life, my choices are all centered around them. 

How crazy is that? 

What about you? Do you ever feel like this?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday and Back in a Routine

Well it is time for Not Me Monday and getting back in a routine! 

I am certainly NOT sitting here writing my Not Me's instead of starting to work on the enormous task of putting my house back together. 

I do NOT have two small children sitting on the couch watching Sesame Street with a promise that they can play playdo as soon as I am finished. :) 

I did NOT ever rase my hands to the sky and simply grrrrrrr to the general world in frustration this week. 

I really AM sad that the BD had to go back to work today but I am NOT secretly so excited to just be back in routine and have the holidays behind me. 

Well - I do NOT have to run and I am NOT going to come back later and blog and catch up on all of my buddies blogs that I have been neglecting. 


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here's Lookin' at You 2008

and looking forward to 2009!