Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

Ahhhh I love Not Me Mondays and have some good ones this week :) 

This week I was NOT asked why Daddy and I were "sleeping" on the same side of the bed. 

I did NOT respond that we were cuddling.......
(sorry Mom for the Too Much Information if you are reading) 

I did NOT just look back at my calendar for the week to come up with some more Not Me's. 

Strep throat did not come to visit my house this week. 

A stomach bug did not come to visit my house this week. 

A terrible toddler head cold did not visit my house this week. 

I do not HATE cold and flu season. 

I am not becoming a complete and total germaphobe. What am I talking about becoming - I am not a complete and total germaphobe. 

I am NOT so excited that I already have dinner in the crock pot and therefore I am NOT sitting here working on my Not Me's while the kids are watching Hi 5. 

I am NOT down 11 pounds since the first of the year using my new lifestyle change. 

This does NOT make me very excited. I also have NO desire to go drink a coke or eat something with cheese on it (part of the lifestyle change that is working so well). 

There is not a Pug named Penelope dragging a soccer goal across my backyard literally as I type. 

We did NOT have to take the mattress off of our bed and do a major under the bed cleaning because of said Pug. 

I did not find three lost shoes that were very happy to find their mates in my closet. 

I certainly did not find two granola bars, 4 Little People, a small soccer ball, three socks, and an empty can of Organic tomatoes under this same bed.

That is NOT a bad Pug. 


Wayne said...

great not me monday and congrats on the 11 pound loss an the new life style

Anonymous said...


Awesome about losing weight! Way to go!

Love the image of the dog dragging the goal!

heidi said...

LOL at the cuddling! Eep!

WTG on the weight loss. Cutting out cheese and soda is HUGE, isn't it?

Natalie said...

great job on the weight loss and congrats for getting in some cuddle time!!!