Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dear Coffee

Dear Coffee

I just wanted to let you know that I do appreciate you! Running to soccer now, didn't sleep much last night because for some reason my children have chosen to wander the halls and moan in their beds at night lately which make is very hard for a Momma to sleep. As I type my letter of gratitude to my beverage - my entire family is sleeping. I am the most sleep deprived yet I cannot go back to sleep at 5:30 in the morning especially once my sleep clock has been beaten all night as if it stole something.

So - here I sit - typing a letter to coffee.

Uh oh coffee - what is that sound? Oh no - it is the pitter patter of footed pajamas, here it comes,

"Momma, I need some cereal......" oh here comes the cuddling.......

typing one handed now holding a sweet soft little boy........

gotta go coffee - more important things need me but I do want to go ahead and say again.....

appreciate ya



Letters of Intent

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thank you God

Thank you that my babies are healthy.

Thank you that I don't have time to blog.

Thank you for soccer games and swim lessons.

Thank you for my husband and thank you that I get to be a stay at home Mom.

Thank you for poop and pee and tantrums and orthodontist apointments and chicken and rice casserole in the crockpot.

Thank you for hugs and kisses.

Thank you for coaches and teachers and Mimi's and Papa's and Grandma and Grandpa's.

Thank you God for Pugs - even very bad pugs named Penelope.

Thank you for this day and please help me remember to thank you for tomorrow if it is even half as good as this one was.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blogging from the couch

Holding a sick 3 year old - thought I'd check in with blog land. This is what I am doing - what are you up to?

Post From My iPhone

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I hold in my arms.....

The future of golf taking a small pre driving range nap.

-- Post From My iPhone

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Heart Faces - Excited

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Tale of the Traveling Pug

So the other day, the Little Buddy and I ran out to the doctor to have ear infections diagnosed - cold and flu season is in full swing here - I need to bust out my button from last year! When we came back - no Penelope the Pug - we looked everywhere - called her name - called her name - no pug.

We called the vet, we called the animal control people, we called my BFF's and neighbors.

We jumped in the car we drove - we called out - PENNY!!!!! PENNER MENNER!!!!!! PENELOPE ANNE THE PUG _ WHERE ARE YOU????????

One of my best BFF's jumped in the car with her two youngest and drove around - PENNY!!!!! PENNER MENNER!!!!!! PENELOPE ANNE THE PUG _ WHERE ARE YOU????????

Sigh - we went and picked up the middle child, went in to get a snack before returning to the streets to continue the search......

and there, low and behold, from behind the snack bucket, marched out a very sleepy


This was my facebook status update:

Holly thought she had a Pug on the Lam but it turned out I had a Pug in the Pantry

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dear Texas Weather

Ah Friday! Time for another Letter of Intent. Oh Julie, what a great idea! Be sure you check out all of the other Letter's of Intent. You're gonna love it!
Letters of Intent
Dear Texas Weather,

I get it - you are crazy - love that about you - really I do. I have never really had a problem with that. I do think that there is such a thing as taking something a little too far. Maybe you could try for a little bit of balance? Dropping 35 degrees in one night? Seriously? My poor asthmatic 5 year old's peak flow meter actually laughed at her this morning - laughed out loud - an inanimate diagnostic device. This is really extreme. I have stacks of children's shorts and pants just sitting out at this point - no idea what we will need from day to day and while I am lodging complaints...... could you pass this letter on to the Texas meteorologists?

Dear Texas Meteorologists,

I wish I had your job - or maybe I don't - I guess being a Meteorologist in Texas is a little bit like being a psychic at a schizophrenia convention but seriously - I wish you would just stand and up there and say, "you know what folks - we don't really know - your guess is as good as ours!" That would be a lot better than this whole, "well if it does this it could rain and if it does this it could snow, and if it does this it could be dry..... didn't you just basically say that you have no bleeding idea? Why don't you just say that?


Concerned Texan

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat

So - the last couple of days have been sort of up and down. What happened yesterday was an entire post that I will save for tomorrow but will be title simply, "The temporary disappearance of Penelope the Pug". Today went something like this:

7 year old woke up saying her teeth and her stomach hurt (first day of orthodontic work done yesterday - more on that in future posts)

The Agony of Defeat

Then she decided she was good and off to school we went

The Thrill of Victory

Got all three kids loaded up - driving to drop the oldest off - the youngest (age 3) starts crying, "I don't wanna go to my 'chool, I don't wann go to my 'chool"

The Agony of Defeat

Then we picked up our little carpooling friend and all three kids piled out of the car at preschool like little tiny cute champs to their amazing school with it's amazing circular drop off.

Let me just tell you.....


Then - off I head to the gym to work out AND shower!

The thrill of victory!

Head to Car Toys because - Mommy really really wants her DVD player in her car to work again. It has been a long time and both the Roach Coach (my minivan) and I miss it so let's see what they say...... 275 dollars to repair

The agony of defeat

Leave Car Toys in plenty of time - head to Old Navy.

The thrill of victory!!!!!!!!!!

Phone rings in my pocket - school nurse for the 7 year old. She has a tummy ache and her teeth hurt. Now I am faced with a dilemma - she is a really good girl who never tries to get out of stuff so I head immediately to school where I decide to take her with me. No more shopping, no Hobby Lobby.....

The AGONY of defeat!

Then - we go pick baby brother up ( he only goes two days, a couple of hours) and sister starts perking up. We go home, she eats lunch, takes some Motrin, says "Mommy - I want to go back to my teacher". We jump in the car, drop her off, 3 year old FALLS ASLEEP on the way home, transfers to his bed for nap time and now I write this post while waiting for my 5 year old to be dropped off by my wonderful carpool Mom friend.


Phew - is this day over yet? Oh no wait - lot's more to go....... well - wish me luck!


Monday, October 5, 2009

I Heart Faces - My Favorite Things

ok - so I just had to take this opportunity to share one of my favorite little kid things

My husband thought I was nuts the other day when I was following him into the store carrying our middle child taking pictures with my phone of her feet BUT

I think it is so funny the way that little kids just somehow know how to hold their foot just right so that their flip flops don't fall off when they are being carried.
The correct angle is a MUST
And little 'tinky toes (as we like to call them around here) are very useful!

It's the little things - you know?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dear Bowheads Blog,

Letters of Intent

Dear Bowheads Blog,

I miss you. I know that you need me to actually sit down at my computer and input information in order for you to survive. I understand that the best way to drive people to read your posts that I need to write is to visit other blogs and comment and host giveaways or have some sort of medical crisis. I hate to break it to you but I pray every day to avoid the medical crisis and I am rarely ever at my computer. I know-I know - I have an iPhone and you want me to become an I Heart Bowheads iPhone blogger - I really am going to work on that but that means I am going to have to stop playing Stoneloops of Jurrasica at school pick up time and start blogging then - sigh - the sacrifices I have to make for you. I promise that I will do better and the posts will start flowing again.

Much bloggy love,