Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Three Fresh Faces

Monday, March 28, 2011

I Heart Faces - Slice of Life

I Heart those two - that is for sure!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The post in which I completely crush on the Imagination Movers (in a good Mom - we had a great time sort of way - not a creepy way - I promise)

First off - hello my bloggy friends - I have pretty much been in the weeds and my blogging has been quite sporadic - so sorry - so sorry.

That said - we have much to discuss!!!!!

I am going to start with a wrap up of the best Children's concert EVER!

Now - my friends - please do not take this lightly because - well
This is not my first rodeo.......

I have been to the Wiggles
I have seen Elmo rock it out (on land and ice)

I shouted for the Rescue Pack with the best of them at Diego
Dora and Backpack and I - we are old friends
I have heard Who's and searched for tooth fairies......

I have been to a gazillion plays over the years, seen Santa come back to town more than I can even bear to say, and yes - The Greatest Show on Earth - we have also - been there - done that to the point of it really not seeming so great.

So when my 4 year old came in to tell us that "the Imagination Movers were coming to a select city near us and that he felt that we should call up the ticketmaster and get seats soon because shows are quickly selling out....."

Darn people marketing to my children - maybe I should turn off the TV - anyway - that is neither here nor there.

The point of the story is - we went for it - we bought the tickets from "the ticketmaster near us" and let me just tell you....

WE HAD A GREAT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are SO glad that we did!!!!!!

Those movers were great! Mover Rich went all the way up to the Nosebleed seats (which were - amazingly - for once - behind us) and shook as many hands as he possibly could - I mean - I wanted to go give that guy a bottle of hand sanitizer I tell you - he shook A LOT of hands.

This would be my son making a break for it and following Mover Rich up into the stands trying to get a little face time.
The long haired child with the pink and black ribbons is my child - chatting it up with Mover Rich. He could not have been nicer!
Nina was a big hit with my middle daughter and man - that girl can really sing! They did a Black Eyed Peas song and my oldest felt that Nina could totally have taken Fergie.......
Here is Rich in the crowd again - he genuinely looked like he was having the best time ever!
The music was GREAT. We were rocking out!
Of course the concession etc stuff was a total rip off - I put my foot down that we were not buying any food (I swear that is half of what is wrong with America is that we can't go one hour and 15 minutes without eating something) but we did get talked into two warehouse mouses.
All in all - I HIGHLY recommend. We had the best time together and it is a memory that my family will always have. (Which is good since we are all still recovering a little bit from "The Great Barney Debacle of 2002")