Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some Massachusetts Definitions

Batch Garbage Disposal

Definition: a type of garbage disposal where there is NO SWITCH. Even if you and your husband and your friends and family search for several months to find the blasted switch for the garbage disposal (because living without a garbage disposal is actually much harder than you ever realized) - you will never ever find it. This is because there is NO SWITCH. A batch garbage disposal is where you turn the little stopper thing and that somehow activates the garbage disposal AND does not chop off your hand.

Both very neccessary things in this house.

Rotary or Turn-about

Definition: circle of death with multiple exits and entrances and little explanation or signage


Pronunciation by my younger children: bubbalew

Definition: Water cooler or water fountain


Definition: The way that you can carry things in and out of your basement unless your husband "locks" it because hurricane is coming and then the definition changes to: door that will never be opened again.


Defintion: Sub Sandwiches. Subway is still called Subway here and is exactly the same - anywhere else you go - don't be afraid - you are ordering a sandwich.

Hoodsie Cup

Definition: Little individual cups of ice cream that you can buy in the grocery store. (You know the kind that has the little wooden spoon?) Note to this definition - Hoodsie cup does not necessarily refer to the brand of ice cream here called Hood so it is not necessary to go to three different grocery stores looking for specifically "Hood" hoodsie cups to bring to the preschool class. Any small cup of ice cream will do.


Definition: A word that can be used in practically any situation. Husband and I have been saying "wicked cool" ever since we watched Good Will Hunting a hundred years ago because we are just pretty awesome and funny like that but the word wicked has further reaching ramifications than just cool. Things are wicked big, cold, hot, ugly, you name it - it is wicked.

Whoopie Pie

Definition: A wicked good dessert that is everywhere and not necessarily good for any ideas of weight loss.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedding Day - A Child's Perspective

Weddings are big days. Very big days.

Especially for the very small.

Sometime during that day you will feel:

Serious or maybe a little unsure.....

Content to be still or bored out of your mind.....

Sometimes you will feel like finding the perfect petal......

and there are moments that you know your best course of action is to simply fold your hands in your lap and wait

quiet and still like a mouse.

Some moments are big and very important....

and other moments are sweet and silly.

There are generally really good sweets and very few restrictions.....

and you get to dance with the people that you love.

and there is always that moment.....

That one moment..........

when everything is....

Monday, September 19, 2011

The story of the leaky dress up boxes

So - this was supposed to be a super productive day

This was supposed to be a day where I got to use my label maker

I really do love that label maker

Turns out I didn't get to use the label maker.

I did get to use the mop

a lot

and I did get to use the hose outside

a lot

and I did get to use the washing machine


Becaue - I want to clean a storage closet in our finished out basement. When I realized


That is NOT a good smell.

Then I found the boxes

You see - the house apparently had a 20 year old water filtration system in it. A system that we never used, never thought about, and did not realize leaked.

You see - it leaked steady and silent like a scary snake (can you tell I have been working on s words with the kids?) and it leaked right into three handy dandy, remarkably water resistant boxes full of dress up clothes.

So we never ever knew - that is - until the boxes were all filled up with water.

Do you know what a box full of dress up clothes water looks like once you have removed the dress up clothes?????????????????????????

Well now you do

You see - we here at I Heart Bowheads (that's me) pride ourselves on being educational so that is the lesson of the day.

How to make red dress up box soup.

Tomorrows lesson

How to clean it up.

Still working on the lesson plan for that one........

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Best quotes of the week

5 Year old son gets into car after preschool. Realizes that his DS has been on the entire time and batteries are dead.

"Lord Have MERCY I did NOT mean to do that!!!!"

(Lord have Mercy prounounced - Lloyd have Mewcy)

Getting 7 and 5 year old out of soccer clothes. 7 Year old being teased by 5 year old brother.

Me: "What are we going to do with him?"

Her: "I want to give him up!"

Me: "Who on earth would take him?"

Her: (after a pause to think about it) "Mimi"

At soccer practice tonight coach says something to my 9 year old that makes her grin. I ask after what she said:

(After repeatedly drilling the poor child in goal):

"Hey - let's start shooting at the corners and that way we don't kill anybody."

Same 9 year old telling me about playing soccer at recess with the boys. She said when they used to pick teams they would always pick her last.

Me: "When they used to pick teams?"

Her: (With a wicked gleam in her eye) "Yeah - they know better now - they don't do that anymore."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Childhood is....

Merry Go Rounds
And laughing when you splash hard
It's really thinking a situation over.....
And jumping in with both feet when necessary.
Childhood is smiling big for your Momma
and holding on to the people that you love the most.
It is huge smiles
and quiet moments

and more than anything


Monday, September 12, 2011

Funniest Conversation EVER

Scene set up:

Sitting at my parents house. Husband has pulled out his work computer to check work email. Mimi has pulled out her laptop to check her email. All three kids are watching Phineas and Ferb.

Mimi: (to Husband) So - what do you think about Perry?

Husband: (distracted) ummm I don't really think too much about Perry.

Mimi: For President?

Husband: Perry the Platypus?

At this point I have gone into the ugly laugh

I can't breathe

Tears streaming down my face

I am clutching the table as I fight for control

Then husband is grinning because he realizes

Then Mimi starts grabbing for things as the hysterical giggles begin to take her over.

It was pretty stinkin' funny my friends - pretty funny.

(Now I will explain here for those of you that are going - HUH? Perry the Platypus is a character on the children's show that was in the background. A show that my middle child refers to as "Phineas and Fewb")

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

There is just no doubt......

That traveling with kids

Is easier

In this electronic age!

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone on the fly!!!! ;)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Sports Birthday Party for a 7 year old girl who invited Boys and Girls and yes I realize that this is a long title for a post......

So - my 7 year old daughter whom I affectionately refer to as Noodle recently had a birthday party. She wanted to invite her class so it would be boys and girls and she wanted a "sports themed" party but it couldn't be too "boyish".

Yes - I felt worried

and yes - I think we were able to pull it off!!!!!

I got the idea to make these cool mason jar sippies off of pinterest. Here is how I did it. Take a phillips head screwdriver and a mason jar with the lid screwed on. Hammer the screwdriver into the mason jar lid so that it makes a small hole. Then I bought some felt with the sticky back on it and cut circles to match. Punch a corresponding hole in the felt and voila - you can decorate the cute felty top of your mason jar with whatever you chose. I got some cute soccer and baseball stickers.
Then I just took some cute sayings to sort of "girl up" the cups, printed them out and cut holes to decorate the straws.

This one says "Silly Boys - Sports are for Girls!!!!"

She believed she could so she
"Happy girls are the prettiest"
Audrey Hepburn
My game lives at the corner of
All Star
For the table cloth I just took red and white bandanas and sewed them together - easy peasy and so so cute. One of the kids working the party (at our local town gym) asked me where you buy a tablecloth like that. I just said, "well you gotta make it as far as I know."

I bought wedding favor boxes from the dollar tree and had every intention of decorating them super cute with some super fancy cricut cut out or stamp or something.

As you can see - that did not happen but they still looked cute I thought.
Cupcakes - these were tough. I love to bake and they were tasty tasty good but cake decoration - not my strong suit. They turned out ok ish I guess. The kids were really happy with them so I guess that is what counts.
A Happy 7 year old birthday girl having "the best ever 7 year old birthday party she ever had"....
Yeah - I guess that is what counts.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Birth Story of "The Boy Who Was Destined For Greatness" (Not my words - my OB's ;)

Well - I have to say - I am basically in shock and denial that my baby boy is five! I like to retell their birth stories each year on their special day and well - here is another special day.

I guess I should begin with how we came to have him in the first place. Sorry if this is too much information but this is basically a story that is tossed around at family functions quite a bit anyway so I want to go ahead and tell it here so that I have it down on paper er I mean computer somewhere. :)

We were a very happy little family of four and we talked about maybe trying for a third one day but we were certainly not looking to add on to our family at that time. It was Christmas Eve 2005 and we were celebrating, as is our custom, at my Sister in Law's house. We were enjoying some good food and family fun and I was enjoying an adult beverage. I raised my glass and said, for the universe to hear,

"I am having the BEST time. This is the first Christmas in forever that I have not been pregnant or breastfeeding!!!!!!!"

Fastforward to one week later - yes - one week later - New Years Eve - I knew I was pregnant.

The Buddy's pregnancy was nothing like my pregnancies with my girls. I pretty much knew this one was different from the beginning. I had a small puddle of blood that was sort of pooling between my uterus and abdominal wall and had to go for a BUNCH of ultrasounds. I was also supposed to be careful about lifting things (yeah right with a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old).

When it was time to go in for my 3D Ultrasound at 20 weeks I took my oldest daughter (then age 4) with me. She was very good and we found out that our baby was a baby boy. I had her call Husband and he picked up and she said,

"Hi Daddy - guess what? It is a boy baby!!!!"

We moved in May of that year - once again - pretty much a whipping to be 6 months pregnant with a 4 year old and a 2 year old and move but - we were actually doing pretty good!

Then - it happened -

the dreaded P.U.P.P.S rash.

I went ahead and made that a link if you are interested in it but basically it is a terrible itchy red painful rash that goes across your big sore pregnant belly and in the creases of your arms and legs.

Now - not to beat this point to death BUT - here I was - new town, a 4 year old and a 2 year old (have I mentioned that?), August, in Texas, 110 degree heat with a terrible painful rash.

I tell you -
talk about being trapped in your own body and life -
pretty miserable I will say.

Positives - my husband and the girls were really great and those two little girls were so sweet and good to their Momma - I will never forget that.

Anyway - my doctor wanted to induce me on August 27th. I said
"no way am I am having a boy in Texas in August"

(the cut off for school here is September 1st and he was not due until the 16th so I felt very strongly that he needed to cook a little longer).

September 2nd came and we headed off to the hospital for the third time at 5 o clock in the morning to be induced. Things went pretty smoothly and my husband went to go grab some lunch. The nurse came in to catch me and I had gone from a 5 to a 9 REALLY fast so I had to call him - "Honey - come back FAST!"

My doctor (who is the GREATEST) came in - checked me and we told him that my husband would be back in just a second. He said, "ok good - I need to go to the bathroom anyway and you guys can wait a minute - perfect" and off he went. I had this crazy urge to call after him -

"be sure and wash your hands"

but anyway......

Husband came rushing back in and it was time to meet the Little Buddy.

That is when I heard my doctor say,

"oh, oh, well, ok, well, he is ok"

and then he said something like, "I want to send that off to the lab."

I cannot really describe what that split second of fear felt like but I can tell you it was so tangible that I remember what it tasted like.

We were told that he had one single knot in his umbilical cord and two double knots in his umbilical cord and the entire thing was wrapped around his neck. My Doctors exact words (and I will never forget them) were,

"he is destined for greatness - he really should not be here - I have really never seen this and have it turn out ok. I just lost one like this at 37 weeks."

We induced him at 38 weeks. He was 7lbs 8 ounces and he was perfect.

Everytime I think about it.

Everytime I think about how close we came to losing him I get a chill.

I thank God each and every day for that terrible, awful rash!

I kept asking, "are you sure he is ok? He is really ok?" and he was.

That night - in the hospital room - I felt a sense of euphoria that I really had never felt and have not felt since. I could not sleep - all I could do was sit up and watch my sweet baby boy.

And now today

My baby is 5

It is possible my nervous breakdown is just a little bit closer.....


Just kidding - off I go to play all day!!!!!