Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some Massachusetts Definitions

Batch Garbage Disposal

Definition: a type of garbage disposal where there is NO SWITCH. Even if you and your husband and your friends and family search for several months to find the blasted switch for the garbage disposal (because living without a garbage disposal is actually much harder than you ever realized) - you will never ever find it. This is because there is NO SWITCH. A batch garbage disposal is where you turn the little stopper thing and that somehow activates the garbage disposal AND does not chop off your hand.

Both very neccessary things in this house.

Rotary or Turn-about

Definition: circle of death with multiple exits and entrances and little explanation or signage


Pronunciation by my younger children: bubbalew

Definition: Water cooler or water fountain


Definition: The way that you can carry things in and out of your basement unless your husband "locks" it because hurricane is coming and then the definition changes to: door that will never be opened again.


Defintion: Sub Sandwiches. Subway is still called Subway here and is exactly the same - anywhere else you go - don't be afraid - you are ordering a sandwich.

Hoodsie Cup

Definition: Little individual cups of ice cream that you can buy in the grocery store. (You know the kind that has the little wooden spoon?) Note to this definition - Hoodsie cup does not necessarily refer to the brand of ice cream here called Hood so it is not necessary to go to three different grocery stores looking for specifically "Hood" hoodsie cups to bring to the preschool class. Any small cup of ice cream will do.


Definition: A word that can be used in practically any situation. Husband and I have been saying "wicked cool" ever since we watched Good Will Hunting a hundred years ago because we are just pretty awesome and funny like that but the word wicked has further reaching ramifications than just cool. Things are wicked big, cold, hot, ugly, you name it - it is wicked.

Whoopie Pie

Definition: A wicked good dessert that is everywhere and not necessarily good for any ideas of weight loss.


Holtnotes said...

Loved your post!!! When we first moved to Newport, Rhode Island the girls I worked with invited me to dinner. They said we were going to a place that had great grinders and cabinets. I was greatly relieved to get a sub and a milkshake.

I really enjoy seeing the pictures of your kids. They have such imfectious smiles!

Foursons said...

I knew the grinder because of a restaurant we have here. And I LOVE that sandwich.

The garbage disposal thing would have driven me nuts. How did you finally figure it out?