Thursday, September 15, 2011

Best quotes of the week

5 Year old son gets into car after preschool. Realizes that his DS has been on the entire time and batteries are dead.

"Lord Have MERCY I did NOT mean to do that!!!!"

(Lord have Mercy prounounced - Lloyd have Mewcy)

Getting 7 and 5 year old out of soccer clothes. 7 Year old being teased by 5 year old brother.

Me: "What are we going to do with him?"

Her: "I want to give him up!"

Me: "Who on earth would take him?"

Her: (after a pause to think about it) "Mimi"

At soccer practice tonight coach says something to my 9 year old that makes her grin. I ask after what she said:

(After repeatedly drilling the poor child in goal):

"Hey - let's start shooting at the corners and that way we don't kill anybody."

Same 9 year old telling me about playing soccer at recess with the boys. She said when they used to pick teams they would always pick her last.

Me: "When they used to pick teams?"

Her: (With a wicked gleam in her eye) "Yeah - they know better now - they don't do that anymore."


Amy Jo:) said...

I love love love the Lloyd have Mewcy comment....that is hilarious! Your kids sound so witty! FUN!

Foursons said...

I too am cracking up at the Lloyd have Mewcy. So, so funny. And that girl of yours who put those boys into place? Love her!

Rachel said...

I love those comments! The first one is a classic! You've got to add that to the baby book!