Monday, September 19, 2011

The story of the leaky dress up boxes

So - this was supposed to be a super productive day

This was supposed to be a day where I got to use my label maker

I really do love that label maker

Turns out I didn't get to use the label maker.

I did get to use the mop

a lot

and I did get to use the hose outside

a lot

and I did get to use the washing machine


Becaue - I want to clean a storage closet in our finished out basement. When I realized


That is NOT a good smell.

Then I found the boxes

You see - the house apparently had a 20 year old water filtration system in it. A system that we never used, never thought about, and did not realize leaked.

You see - it leaked steady and silent like a scary snake (can you tell I have been working on s words with the kids?) and it leaked right into three handy dandy, remarkably water resistant boxes full of dress up clothes.

So we never ever knew - that is - until the boxes were all filled up with water.

Do you know what a box full of dress up clothes water looks like once you have removed the dress up clothes?????????????????????????

Well now you do

You see - we here at I Heart Bowheads (that's me) pride ourselves on being educational so that is the lesson of the day.

How to make red dress up box soup.

Tomorrows lesson

How to clean it up.

Still working on the lesson plan for that one........