Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hope your weekend was....


And not too exhausting!!!!!!



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My Favorite Things

My Favorite............

(not the obvious 3 F's Faith, Family, Friends)

Apparel Item - V Neck T-Shirts

Breakfast Food - Vanilla Yogurt and Granola

Kind of shoe - Tennis Shoes

iPhone app - Words With Friends

Music - All over the map on this one - right now my favorite song is The Time in Between by Nicole Nordeman

Dinner - Black Bean Chicken

Perfume - Eternity

Drug Store Purchase - sunscreen

Candy - gum drops

Ice Cream - peppermint

Movie - Singing in the Rain

Word - indefatigable - it is a good word - I like to say it

Time of year - I love all of the seasons - I get to Spring and think - I love Spring, then I get to Summer and think - I love Summer - and so on

Accessory - a good ball cap

Vehicle - my van - appropriately named - The Roach Coach (it is pretty dirty but the name actually came because I don't like feeding my kids fast food so I pull up places and open up the back and pull out stuff like crock pots and laptop lunches etc so my husband started asking what the roach coach was serving up that day.)
I really do love that van.

Non-alcoholic drink - diet vanilla coke

Adult Beverage - white wine - I am not terribly picky although I do really like Riesling

Television show - I dunno - I like a lot of crazy stuff like Three Sheets and Toddlers and Tiaras but I would say that my favorite regular people show would be The Big Bang Theory - that one makes me laugh.

Well - gotta run now - if I think of any others I will add them! :)

Go visit Toddler Awesome - love her themes!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Long Story Short and a CSN Review

Well folks - the worst is over

the school year is drawing to a close

have I been absent from the blogging world because of anything terribly dramatic?


Just busy with my family - no time for the computer

Well - now - here I sit - with two of my children quietly playing in the game room, one still sleeping and a little time on my hands.......

hmmmmm what to do?

CATCH UP!!!!!!!!!

First things first - Ashley from CSN stores has been SO awesome to me - so awesome!

First she contacted me and let me look at some awesome things - things like




or what I finally chose


I chose them, she sent them, and do you know what I did? I broke one - almost immediately.

Now since I am reviewing these I feel like I should type in the exact name of them so they are iittala Essence Set of Two 11 Oz. White Wine Glasses - ES950457

They were really pretty but I am not joking - very fine. They come with a little sticker on the top and although I really am not freakishly strong I basically crushed the glass in my hand while peeling the sticker off.

These are not the hardiest wine glasses I have ever seen.....

Just saying......

What I can say is CSN is AWESOME.

I emailed Ashley, told her what happened and BAM she just sent me a new one - just like that. I really do love my new wine glasses - I am just MUCH more careful with them. This particular pair of wine glasses is basically now - my holiday glasswear. :)

I cannot say enough about CSN though

This morning, from the quiet of my house, I shopped for....

a new bed for the Buddy

new sheets for my room

a new food bowl for Penelope the Pug

and randomly

a pie pan

Pretty much you name it - they have it. Super fast shipping, great customer service, hastle free returns.

Well - off to visit all of your blogs! If you don't get a comment from me today - leave me a comment and say - very nicely - hey Holly - what the heck?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Winding Down

Letdown from class parties has begun....

School projects are coming home in bags

Messes are being gathered and handled....

Te only thing that seems to be working it's way up is the temp in Texas!

Happy Thursday Friends!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don't leave me my friends.....

I am still here.....

I am just.....

In the end of the year.......


Saturday, May 22, 2010

A bed of pugonias

What happened to these flowers you ask?

Did you really have to ask?


Have a great weekend!


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Friday, May 21, 2010


Dear May,

Sorry I missed you - where did you go?


Dear skin,

I am REALLY sorry and I am REALLY trying. One would think that SPF 70 would do it but apparently not.


Dear small children,

Could you please stop growing - just for one second? You guys are getting so big! Your Mom loves you a lot and is really glad that I get to be your Mom.


Dear Bowheads Blog,

Thanks for allowing me to be cheesy. Appreciate ya!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Not sure why I had to squish the words together like that - just felt like it :)

Anyway - I digress - already - as usual - oh yeah I am sure that this post is going to be great.......

This awesome blogger

Gave me this award

And I have to say - I am quite pleased - kawhite pleased - can you tell my enunciation there?

uh oh digressing again

Now I am supposed to share 7 things about me so here goes - since I am feeling a little random at the moment - I would guess these are going to be pretty random also. :)

1. I have small hysterical giggling problem. It doesn't happen that often but when it does - I totally lose control of myself and I cannot stop giggling. I giggle until I cry. My husband always says - "uh oh - Mommy's got the giggles".

2. Since I am on the subject of the hysterical giggling - I will use up some of my 7 things to tell two hysterical giggling stories. The first - we are sitting in church, palm Sunday last year. They pass out the palm frond and my husband is holding what truly is a very small, pitiful, and somewhat wilted frond in his lap. He leans over to me and whispers

"I have a problem with my frond"

In the dictionary, under the definition of church giggles - there is a picture of me - trying to keep it together unsuccessfuly during service. The children were even shushing me.

3. The ultimate case of the hysterical giggles came during a childbirthing class for my first born. They were having us do the hee hee he thing and I couldn't get it right. I started off with the giggles, then the hysterical giggles, then the tears streaming down my face giggles, then actual sobbing. I think that the poor instructor pretty much thought that I had lost my mind.

4. Now onto another thing about me - I can wiggle my ears. Yes a small claim to fame but a claim to fame nonetheless.

5. I can also say the alphabet backwards.

6. I can sing the chipmunk song which helps me look like a rock star in my children's eyes (at least for now while they are small). I am currently working on All the Single Ladies. It is a work in progress to say the least.

7. I DESPISE the words "you should". When people begin a sentence with "you should" I shut my ears - tight (wish I could actually do that - you would think I could what with the whole ear wiggling thing) Huge pet peeve of mine (the you should - not the ear wiggling)

Anyway - it is late and I am excited for sleep so we will see what tomorrow brings! I will pass this award on sometime soon.


Friday, May 14, 2010

What I am most proud of.....

I am proud that they love each other.......
I am proud that they are mine........
I am proud that I get to be their Mom.
I am proud that they love me
I am proud of how good he is with them and how much he loves us all.
I am proud of me.
I am proud that I am "just" a stay at home Mom.
I am proud of the work that I do every day and I would not have it any other way.
(yes - random picture I took of myself back when we had all the snow- I do tend to snap pictures of myself with my phone - makes it handy when I need a picture of myself for the blog since there are so few of me :)

Go visit my friend Emma (and blog designer by the way) - I really heart her themes for each day!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jump for Joy......

Friday is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Learning to capture the moment....

Is a skill that should be learned at an early age :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Some more recycling

So I am in the weeds again but don't want the bowheads blog to feel sad or lonely so I went back and found another post to recycle. ;) This one was a long time ago but I still love the vapory goodness and we are big believers in the vapory goodness when anyone is sick.

Stop and Smell the Vapory Goodness

(reposted from November 2008)

So I consider this a story of the simple things in life and true love.....

The Little Buddy has a cold. We got him all set up in his room the other night with his humidifier and plug in thing that sends out vapory goodness to his room. I tell you - I was not even congested and I wanted to sleep in there - those two things added to the fact that he already has an air purifier well - it was pretty awesome, utopia like, air quality in there. He was sleeping so soundly with his bue bwanky (blue blankey) and I went in to check on him.

It is at this point that I start obsessing about the vapory goodness. Is it too strong? Do I leave it plugged in all night? Will there still be enough vapory goodness at 3:00am? (Yes this is my third child and yes - I still think about silly stuff like this - shows my love - not my neurosis - right?)

Anyway - I go in and get the BD who is happily in bed, watching a show and say - "Honey - I need you to come smell the vapory goodness".

For a minute his eyebrows did sort of lift in interest as he was sorting out what I was saying and I swear his mind was searching his files for what could possibly be in it for him involving vapory goodness.......

At this point - he says, "huh?" and I grin and explain my dilemma. He says, "Babe - I don't know - how am I supposed to know the proper vapory goodness levels of a 2 year olds room?" I explained that I really did not know how he was supposed to know that but that at that moment, right then, it was important to me for him to make that parenting decision with me and I wanted him to come. There was a little sigh - just a little one - and then he got up, grinned at me, put his arm around my shoulder, and we walked to the baby's - strike that - two year olds room.

The love that swelled in my heart at this point was greater than if he had come home with a box of chocolates and roses (although typing those things - does make me realize that they are very good also) sorry - digressing again.....


We went in there - we smelled the vapory goodness together - we looked at the little size 8 extra wides sleeping pigeon toed under their blue truck blanket - we laughed at the little hand gripping his green frog - it was such a nice moment...... sigh - the little things - you know?

Anyway - long story short- my encouragement to you is

Stop and smell the vapory goodness....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why Playing in the Toilet is Awesome

Here is a repost from back when I had about two followers and they were my non local BFF and my Mom :) Thought some of my new friends would like it.

Written by the Little Buddy who is now 3 (almost 4) and referred to on the blog as the Little Buddy. Back then he had just turned two and I called him the B Squared on the blog - short for Baby Boy.

Why Playing in the Toilet is Awesome

By the B Squared (Baby Boy)

Age 2

Well - first off - the toilet itself is AWESOME

A. it's forbidden

B. it has working parts and gadgets like this great flusher and a lid that if you use all of your super human toddler strength you can maybe get off

C. it is filled with water!!!!! I mean - really how great can one thing be?

THEN you get caught playing in it and three awesome things happen...

1. Your Mom makes this great gasping choking sound of horror.

Don't be afraid first timers- it might be a little scary at first but it is so funny to see her thrown so far off her game - the reaction itself is well worth the crime.

2. Then while she is freaking out going to find something called disinfectant and something else called a plunger - you get to stand at a stool at the sink and play with - wait for it - more water! Only this stuff is warm and soapy - so great.

3. Finally you get stripped out of your clothes (something about germs and poop and stomach virus's - I am not sure) and you get to run around having some nekky time because by now your sisters have dismantled Mommy's sewing machine and she has run out of time to finish dealing with you.

All in all - an experience I highly recommend.

Yours Truly

The B Squared

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Monday, May 3, 2010

I am really not sure

How I would ever get anything done

Without ALL of this great help!