Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Favorite Things

My Favorite............

(not the obvious 3 F's Faith, Family, Friends)

Apparel Item - V Neck T-Shirts

Breakfast Food - Vanilla Yogurt and Granola

Kind of shoe - Tennis Shoes

iPhone app - Words With Friends

Music - All over the map on this one - right now my favorite song is The Time in Between by Nicole Nordeman

Dinner - Black Bean Chicken

Perfume - Eternity

Drug Store Purchase - sunscreen

Candy - gum drops

Ice Cream - peppermint

Movie - Singing in the Rain

Word - indefatigable - it is a good word - I like to say it

Time of year - I love all of the seasons - I get to Spring and think - I love Spring, then I get to Summer and think - I love Summer - and so on

Accessory - a good ball cap

Vehicle - my van - appropriately named - The Roach Coach (it is pretty dirty but the name actually came because I don't like feeding my kids fast food so I pull up places and open up the back and pull out stuff like crock pots and laptop lunches etc so my husband started asking what the roach coach was serving up that day.)
I really do love that van.

Non-alcoholic drink - diet vanilla coke

Adult Beverage - white wine - I am not terribly picky although I do really like Riesling

Television show - I dunno - I like a lot of crazy stuff like Three Sheets and Toddlers and Tiaras but I would say that my favorite regular people show would be The Big Bang Theory - that one makes me laugh.

Well - gotta run now - if I think of any others I will add them! :)

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hellyamber said...

Oh I love the big bang theory too! Great list!

Jacque said...

So awesome that you love your van! I keep tellin' hubby I want a minivan - and he says "We only have 2 boys - they will fit in a regular car!" I will get one eventually! :)

Julie M. said...

Great list. I'm a big yogurt and granola fan as well! Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself, I really enjoyed reading it.

Emma did a great job on your site as well. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you had a great holiday weekend!