Monday, May 10, 2010

Some more recycling

So I am in the weeds again but don't want the bowheads blog to feel sad or lonely so I went back and found another post to recycle. ;) This one was a long time ago but I still love the vapory goodness and we are big believers in the vapory goodness when anyone is sick.

Stop and Smell the Vapory Goodness

(reposted from November 2008)

So I consider this a story of the simple things in life and true love.....

The Little Buddy has a cold. We got him all set up in his room the other night with his humidifier and plug in thing that sends out vapory goodness to his room. I tell you - I was not even congested and I wanted to sleep in there - those two things added to the fact that he already has an air purifier well - it was pretty awesome, utopia like, air quality in there. He was sleeping so soundly with his bue bwanky (blue blankey) and I went in to check on him.

It is at this point that I start obsessing about the vapory goodness. Is it too strong? Do I leave it plugged in all night? Will there still be enough vapory goodness at 3:00am? (Yes this is my third child and yes - I still think about silly stuff like this - shows my love - not my neurosis - right?)

Anyway - I go in and get the BD who is happily in bed, watching a show and say - "Honey - I need you to come smell the vapory goodness".

For a minute his eyebrows did sort of lift in interest as he was sorting out what I was saying and I swear his mind was searching his files for what could possibly be in it for him involving vapory goodness.......

At this point - he says, "huh?" and I grin and explain my dilemma. He says, "Babe - I don't know - how am I supposed to know the proper vapory goodness levels of a 2 year olds room?" I explained that I really did not know how he was supposed to know that but that at that moment, right then, it was important to me for him to make that parenting decision with me and I wanted him to come. There was a little sigh - just a little one - and then he got up, grinned at me, put his arm around my shoulder, and we walked to the baby's - strike that - two year olds room.

The love that swelled in my heart at this point was greater than if he had come home with a box of chocolates and roses (although typing those things - does make me realize that they are very good also) sorry - digressing again.....


We went in there - we smelled the vapory goodness together - we looked at the little size 8 extra wides sleeping pigeon toed under their blue truck blanket - we laughed at the little hand gripping his green frog - it was such a nice moment...... sigh - the little things - you know?

Anyway - long story short- my encouragement to you is

Stop and smell the vapory goodness....