Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today we welcomed to our family.....

A Pug named Frank
and we are very happy to have him!

The long story short for anyone interested in why the crazy lady would get another dog with her house on the market and about to move to another state is....
As soon as we found out that we were staying in the states we said that we would get Penelope Anne a brother.
We wanted a rescue.
We did not want a puppy.
We wanted a boy.
We needed him to be good with kids.

And so - we walked into Petsmart today to buy Penny some dog food - and there was Frank. Three years old and the perfect pug for us.

I called my Mom and said,

"Well - we just did something insane."
She said

I said

"Well - we just got a pug named Frank"

She laughed really hard - for a long time.

It was pretty great.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Out of the mouthes of babes

6 year old to 4 year old

"Did you know that Mommy can GROUND (pronounced GWOUND) you???? Yep - that's right - it is possible!"


"Do you even know what ground means?"

4 year old chiming in

"I think it might mean put little children in cages."


Daddy to Mommy (while driving as a fancy yellow sports car drives by)

"Hey Babe - can I get a car like that when I have my mid-life crisis?"

9 year old chiming in from the back seat

"Daddy - aren't you already middle aged????????"


Mommy to kids trying to get them loaded up and to school in an incredibly high pitched and borderline hysterical voice

"OK everyone - I really need you to cooperate."

6 year old to 9 year old (in a whisper)

"Why is her voice getting so high?"

9 year old to 6 year old

"Oh - it's ok - she is just trying not to shout - better hurry though"


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I have a new problem well addiction well obsession - no that is not the right word - oh well anyway - it is called

View Holly's Pins on Pinterest

So so great.

You know how you see neat stuff, recipes pictures etc and then you can never remember where you saw it?

Just pin it

Love it

Check it out.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Great Dallas Snow/Ice - in of 2011 - Menu

A little grocery shopping back story -

I went to the grocery store on Thursday.

I made fun of the people cramming their baskets full on Monday night.

I was very very sad by the following Thursday

Day 1:

Homemade pancakes
Homemade Tomato Soup
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Huge batch of Homemade Crockpot apple sauce (which by the way - will post a how to - so good)
Chicken and Rice Casserole (that I was hoping to use for leftovers the next day but was devoured in one day)
Desserts made - homemade apple cake from scratch
Brownies made from a brownie mix

(only substitution for the day - milk used instead of buttermilk in the pancakes)

Day 2:

Leftover pancakes and applesauce
Ravioli (from a can - 3 cans worth in fact - the children are eating me out of house and home)
2 packages of frozen corn and the last of the applesauce (I used an entire HUGE bag of apples - gone)
Frozen taquitos, chicken nuggets, leftover tomato soup
Desserts made - coca cola cake

(substitution for the day - the last of the chocolate almond milk for milk in the cake)

Day 3:

Smoothies for breakfast thanks to the gallon and a half of skim milk left on my front porch by a BFF's hubby (incidentally - Tom Thumb was basically out of milk after two days of the ice storm - he had a choice of whole, skim, or lactose free - they were also out of bananas etc - trucks could not get in)
Also - 1 package of Jimmy Dean precooked sausage found at the bottom of the fridge unopened - SCORE - this caused much excitement when discovered.
Last two frozen pizzas from outside chest freezer
Last of the yogurt sticks
4 of the final 9 cuties (clementine oranges)

DADDY HOME - Chili's for dinner. Can I just add at some point that someone is a marketing genius over there at Chili's because I started to see free kids meal coupons floating around on Facebook at 11 and by 6 that place was PACKED!