Friday, August 27, 2010

The Chronicles of a Little Man's Day at the Hospital

So - the poor little guy had a set of bum eyes

They did not behave as they should

and he didn't really use the left one much at all!

Mom (taking the picture) and Dad (big guy holding the Buddy) took him to the hospital for a quick tune up of the old eye muscles.

The following is the picture chronicles of a little man having eye surgery:

7:15 am - happy but sleepy - I am totally clueless as to what is coming

Unhappy - why does this thing have to be on my finger and that medicine you just gave me tasted terrible

Bored - so I am going to take some pictures of my feet with Mommy's phone

Ahh - it is no wonder that they call that stuff giggle juice

I toootttttaaaalllllyyy get it now - totally

Now I am going to take some pictures of Mommy - I am going to have to say that the giggle juice might have impacted my photography skills at this point (cuz' you know what - I am only 3 but I have mad skills with an iphone camera but anyway I digress....)

It's all good at this point - all good.

My Mom is a great packer - she had all my stuff in a groovy pink bag

and then you know what - I have no idea what happened - the last thing I remember was taking the juice. (Have I mentioned that was GREAT juice?)

After surgery - I was REALLY sleepy
Very sleepy

and I pretty much slept all day (and watched TV with my Dad) until we went out to dinner, which I got to pick, on account of having had something happen after they gave me that juice - still a little fuzzy there


My Mom kept trying to take my picture but getting me to look the other way. I dunno - something about how red my eyes were.
What? Look this way but hold my head still? Sorry lady I am not following you here.
Now I just feel confused
and slightly irritated - where is my burger anyway?
Next day - big walk with Mom, pretty much loving life.
Although - it is possible I am still a little sleepy (and yes - these are the same pj's as surgery day - don't judge my Mom though if you don't mind)
Post op appointment with my doc. I made a friend. It was great. I whispered to my Mom "Mom I think he is my friend and I think he likes me." Must has sounded cute because my Mom kissed me and grinned.
Then she took me to wing stop and let me cut my own chicken.
Something that I really enjoy.

and that - my friends - is that. I don't even have to wear glasses for the next 6 weeks! I can't tell you how excited my Mom er I mean I am about that one!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A quick update

All is well - taking our sleepy guy home!!!! More later.



-- Post From My iPhone

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Prayer Request

I am still here

and I miss you

School has started

We beat the lice

We vacationed

We partied like rock stars

We bent it like Beckham

We sang with Shamu

We braved Great Wolf Lodge (more on this one later)

We birthday partied and barbecued

and now - we need to do one last thing before we settle into our new routine and I get back to my blogging world.....

My baby boy is having surgery on his eyes tomorrow morning......

Needless to say - I am not looking forward to it

He has no idea what is coming

I will update tomorrow but for tonight and tomorrow......

I would love to have your prayers.

Please pray for Max and his beautiful blue eyes

Monday, August 9, 2010

Today I discovered on the internet.....

Two wonderful things and you know what my bloggy friends - I feel the need to share!

A. Perhaps you have never heard of The Pioneer Woman. I mean it could be possible right? You have been traveling in Siberia without internet access? Anyway, on the offhand chance that you do not know who she is - please - go visit her. I love her site for lots of reasons but lets not fool around here - that woman can cook. I mean she can really really cook and she does something that Martha would never do for you. She types out her recipes in her funny style complete with pictures and advice. I just take my laptop in my kitchen and I cook and cook. I really do heart that lady - sigh. Anyway - I digress - today she taught me how to make something that made my family very happy that I was the Mommy.

Go here - make it just like she says - enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I discovered another fabulous site while obsessing about this fall and the craziness that is about to ensue. Go check out and yes - there is an app for that - priceless!

Happy Surfing my friends. If you feel like it in the comments - let me know where you find recipes that make your family drool! I am always looking. I really want them (my family) to love me you know and I am not afraid to admit that I have no problem using my kitchen in order to do it. Anything to hear those five little words.....

Mom - you are the greatest!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

That's why we have three....

The other night - bedtime - no Daddy - Mommy moving as fast as she can......


Me: "ok guys - I am going as fast as I can - there is one of me and three of you"

Noodle (age 6): "See that is why some Mommy's only want to have one or two kids but I am glad that you had three because that way I have one to play with (little brother) and one to watch TV with (big sister)."

I said well - that was good thinking right?

She said - right Mommy - good thinking!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Coming in Hot

Since my oldest was tiny - when I am coming home with a sick, crying, sleeping child I call Husband and say

"Babe - we are coming in Hot - meet us in the garage".

Last night was such a night. The Noodle (Age 6) did not feel so good and so I called Husband, as is my custom, and said

"Babe - we are coming in Hot - meet us in the garage".

As is his custom, he said - ok. (I do heart that guy)

As I pulled in the driveway - I could see our Daddy leaning on the kitchen counter, dark, hot Texas heat outside, cool calm house inside. The Noodle and I both sighed as he opened the garage door as we pulled in. She said,

"My Daddy"

He came to the door, grinned at me and picked up the wilted little girl.

"Come on Pumpkin - what's the matter - don't feel so good?"

She buried her face in his neck and said it again,

"My Daddy"