Thursday, August 5, 2010

Coming in Hot

Since my oldest was tiny - when I am coming home with a sick, crying, sleeping child I call Husband and say

"Babe - we are coming in Hot - meet us in the garage".

Last night was such a night. The Noodle (Age 6) did not feel so good and so I called Husband, as is my custom, and said

"Babe - we are coming in Hot - meet us in the garage".

As is his custom, he said - ok. (I do heart that guy)

As I pulled in the driveway - I could see our Daddy leaning on the kitchen counter, dark, hot Texas heat outside, cool calm house inside. The Noodle and I both sighed as he opened the garage door as we pulled in. She said,

"My Daddy"

He came to the door, grinned at me and picked up the wilted little girl.

"Come on Pumpkin - what's the matter - don't feel so good?"

She buried her face in his neck and said it again,

"My Daddy"


Foursons said...

Aw, that makes my heart melt!

Megan said...

The comfort of a daddy.....

Lindsay Blogs said...

OH I love that! When my little girls just bury their little faces in Daddy's neck...all is right with the world.

mama hall said...

oh that is sweet. it's little moments like that, that we need to cherish! love that you blogged about it... :)

nice to 'meet' you ~ i came from