Monday, August 9, 2010

Today I discovered on the internet.....

Two wonderful things and you know what my bloggy friends - I feel the need to share!

A. Perhaps you have never heard of The Pioneer Woman. I mean it could be possible right? You have been traveling in Siberia without internet access? Anyway, on the offhand chance that you do not know who she is - please - go visit her. I love her site for lots of reasons but lets not fool around here - that woman can cook. I mean she can really really cook and she does something that Martha would never do for you. She types out her recipes in her funny style complete with pictures and advice. I just take my laptop in my kitchen and I cook and cook. I really do heart that lady - sigh. Anyway - I digress - today she taught me how to make something that made my family very happy that I was the Mommy.

Go here - make it just like she says - enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I discovered another fabulous site while obsessing about this fall and the craziness that is about to ensue. Go check out and yes - there is an app for that - priceless!

Happy Surfing my friends. If you feel like it in the comments - let me know where you find recipes that make your family drool! I am always looking. I really want them (my family) to love me you know and I am not afraid to admit that I have no problem using my kitchen in order to do it. Anything to hear those five little words.....

Mom - you are the greatest!


mama hall said...

i, too, love the Pioneer Woman. :) going to check out Cozi now. thanks for sharing your favorite Internet finds!