Friday, May 21, 2010


Dear May,

Sorry I missed you - where did you go?


Dear skin,

I am REALLY sorry and I am REALLY trying. One would think that SPF 70 would do it but apparently not.


Dear small children,

Could you please stop growing - just for one second? You guys are getting so big! Your Mom loves you a lot and is really glad that I get to be your Mom.


Dear Bowheads Blog,

Thanks for allowing me to be cheesy. Appreciate ya!



Foursons said...

I'm so glad that May is almost over because that means summer is almost here!

Check the expiration date on your sunscreen. That could be the problem.

Thanks for linking up, hopefully your kiddos will stay little for just a little while longer!

mindy2780 said...

I have the same problem with sunburns- spf 50 and I am still read.
I would like to know where May went as well!
stopping by from letters of intent