Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Long Story Short and a CSN Review

Well folks - the worst is over

the school year is drawing to a close

have I been absent from the blogging world because of anything terribly dramatic?


Just busy with my family - no time for the computer

Well - now - here I sit - with two of my children quietly playing in the game room, one still sleeping and a little time on my hands.......

hmmmmm what to do?

CATCH UP!!!!!!!!!

First things first - Ashley from CSN stores has been SO awesome to me - so awesome!

First she contacted me and let me look at some awesome things - things like




or what I finally chose


I chose them, she sent them, and do you know what I did? I broke one - almost immediately.

Now since I am reviewing these I feel like I should type in the exact name of them so they are iittala Essence Set of Two 11 Oz. White Wine Glasses - ES950457

They were really pretty but I am not joking - very fine. They come with a little sticker on the top and although I really am not freakishly strong I basically crushed the glass in my hand while peeling the sticker off.

These are not the hardiest wine glasses I have ever seen.....

Just saying......

What I can say is CSN is AWESOME.

I emailed Ashley, told her what happened and BAM she just sent me a new one - just like that. I really do love my new wine glasses - I am just MUCH more careful with them. This particular pair of wine glasses is basically now - my holiday glasswear. :)

I cannot say enough about CSN though

This morning, from the quiet of my house, I shopped for....

a new bed for the Buddy

new sheets for my room

a new food bowl for Penelope the Pug

and randomly

a pie pan

Pretty much you name it - they have it. Super fast shipping, great customer service, hastle free returns.

Well - off to visit all of your blogs! If you don't get a comment from me today - leave me a comment and say - very nicely - hey Holly - what the heck?


karen@fitnessjourney said...

Hi, popping in from SITS. Those glasses must have been incredibly delicate. Hope you didn't cut yourself. I've done a couple giveaways and a review with CSN Stores and have found their customer service to be excellent. That was really sweet of Ashley to replace what was broken. I'm a stickler about customer service.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Stopping from SITS! I had an opportunity to shop on their site too. It was so hard to choose.