Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Sports Birthday Party for a 7 year old girl who invited Boys and Girls and yes I realize that this is a long title for a post......

So - my 7 year old daughter whom I affectionately refer to as Noodle recently had a birthday party. She wanted to invite her class so it would be boys and girls and she wanted a "sports themed" party but it couldn't be too "boyish".

Yes - I felt worried

and yes - I think we were able to pull it off!!!!!

I got the idea to make these cool mason jar sippies off of pinterest. Here is how I did it. Take a phillips head screwdriver and a mason jar with the lid screwed on. Hammer the screwdriver into the mason jar lid so that it makes a small hole. Then I bought some felt with the sticky back on it and cut circles to match. Punch a corresponding hole in the felt and voila - you can decorate the cute felty top of your mason jar with whatever you chose. I got some cute soccer and baseball stickers.
Then I just took some cute sayings to sort of "girl up" the cups, printed them out and cut holes to decorate the straws.

This one says "Silly Boys - Sports are for Girls!!!!"

She believed she could so she
"Happy girls are the prettiest"
Audrey Hepburn
My game lives at the corner of
All Star
For the table cloth I just took red and white bandanas and sewed them together - easy peasy and so so cute. One of the kids working the party (at our local town gym) asked me where you buy a tablecloth like that. I just said, "well you gotta make it as far as I know."

I bought wedding favor boxes from the dollar tree and had every intention of decorating them super cute with some super fancy cricut cut out or stamp or something.

As you can see - that did not happen but they still looked cute I thought.
Cupcakes - these were tough. I love to bake and they were tasty tasty good but cake decoration - not my strong suit. They turned out ok ish I guess. The kids were really happy with them so I guess that is what counts.
A Happy 7 year old birthday girl having "the best ever 7 year old birthday party she ever had"....
Yeah - I guess that is what counts.


Megan said...

Holly, it looks like so much fun! You are so creative!

Hope you are well, my friend!