Friday, October 9, 2009

Dear Texas Weather

Ah Friday! Time for another Letter of Intent. Oh Julie, what a great idea! Be sure you check out all of the other Letter's of Intent. You're gonna love it!
Letters of Intent
Dear Texas Weather,

I get it - you are crazy - love that about you - really I do. I have never really had a problem with that. I do think that there is such a thing as taking something a little too far. Maybe you could try for a little bit of balance? Dropping 35 degrees in one night? Seriously? My poor asthmatic 5 year old's peak flow meter actually laughed at her this morning - laughed out loud - an inanimate diagnostic device. This is really extreme. I have stacks of children's shorts and pants just sitting out at this point - no idea what we will need from day to day and while I am lodging complaints...... could you pass this letter on to the Texas meteorologists?

Dear Texas Meteorologists,

I wish I had your job - or maybe I don't - I guess being a Meteorologist in Texas is a little bit like being a psychic at a schizophrenia convention but seriously - I wish you would just stand and up there and say, "you know what folks - we don't really know - your guess is as good as ours!" That would be a lot better than this whole, "well if it does this it could rain and if it does this it could snow, and if it does this it could be dry..... didn't you just basically say that you have no bleeding idea? Why don't you just say that?


Concerned Texan


Foursons said...

I know!!!! TX weather is crazy! Yesterday it was 90+ degrees, and today it is 60 degrees as I type this! And we've been in a drought for 2 years and are now having flash flooding. It's absolutely, certifiably, insane.

And I laughed out loud about this: "I guess being a Meteorologist in Texas is a little bit like being a psychic at a schizophrenia convention." Bahahahahahahaha!

Love your letters today, thanks for linking up!

julie said...

Ha ha! We get the crazy weather in NC too. LOVE your descriptions - hilarious!!

Kmama said...

LOL. Love the letters!

Jewelz said...

I can't really empthaize with you at the moment...where I live in North West of Western Australia if it's not hot and dry...for about three weeks of the year, its hot and wet...and there is another two weeks when you might want to put on a long sleeved shirt...if you went out at night...maybe!!!
I can empathize with the frustration of the nancy pants attitude of the meteorologists. If you don't know....just say you don't bl@@dy know :0)
A piece of string pinned to a board hung out in the open is a more accurate predictor most of the know...if the string is wet, likely it's raining. If it's dry, likely it's not! If it's waving at a 90° angle from it's natural hanging position, it's windy etc....LOL

Great letters

Thanks for sharing