Thursday, October 8, 2009

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat

So - the last couple of days have been sort of up and down. What happened yesterday was an entire post that I will save for tomorrow but will be title simply, "The temporary disappearance of Penelope the Pug". Today went something like this:

7 year old woke up saying her teeth and her stomach hurt (first day of orthodontic work done yesterday - more on that in future posts)

The Agony of Defeat

Then she decided she was good and off to school we went

The Thrill of Victory

Got all three kids loaded up - driving to drop the oldest off - the youngest (age 3) starts crying, "I don't wanna go to my 'chool, I don't wann go to my 'chool"

The Agony of Defeat

Then we picked up our little carpooling friend and all three kids piled out of the car at preschool like little tiny cute champs to their amazing school with it's amazing circular drop off.

Let me just tell you.....


Then - off I head to the gym to work out AND shower!

The thrill of victory!

Head to Car Toys because - Mommy really really wants her DVD player in her car to work again. It has been a long time and both the Roach Coach (my minivan) and I miss it so let's see what they say...... 275 dollars to repair

The agony of defeat

Leave Car Toys in plenty of time - head to Old Navy.

The thrill of victory!!!!!!!!!!

Phone rings in my pocket - school nurse for the 7 year old. She has a tummy ache and her teeth hurt. Now I am faced with a dilemma - she is a really good girl who never tries to get out of stuff so I head immediately to school where I decide to take her with me. No more shopping, no Hobby Lobby.....

The AGONY of defeat!

Then - we go pick baby brother up ( he only goes two days, a couple of hours) and sister starts perking up. We go home, she eats lunch, takes some Motrin, says "Mommy - I want to go back to my teacher". We jump in the car, drop her off, 3 year old FALLS ASLEEP on the way home, transfers to his bed for nap time and now I write this post while waiting for my 5 year old to be dropped off by my wonderful carpool Mom friend.


Phew - is this day over yet? Oh no wait - lot's more to go....... well - wish me luck!



Foursons said...

Love how you wrote this! So clever.