Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Heart Aretha Franklin and other thoughts of this day - January 20, 2009

I actually got out of bed to come and write this post because - well - heck - I witnessed history today and I had to go ahead and post about it. :) 

Democrat or Republican - you GOTTA admit - this was a big big day. I LOVE stuff like this so here are some random impressions from this day that I thought I would jot down in no particular order. :) 

Like I said - I LOVE stuff like this - I love the tradition - I thought it was so cool the way all the past presidents came out - how amazing is it that he was sworn in on the Lincoln Bible that has not been used at an inauguration since Lincoln's in 1861. Can you imagine being Michelle Obama and holding that thing? Good grief - I would have been a nervous wreck. :) 

I HEART Aretha Franklin and her awesome ginormous big bow hat. How great was that? Make fun if you will but one day when I get to the right age - I am gonna get me a big bow hat - mark my words! 

I am so hot for Brian Williams I can hardly stand it. (Sorry honey - you know you are the only one for me) but really - I LOVE Brian Williams and I totally dug watching him on TV all day. He makes me melt like butter. He just told the fashion lady that he was talking to about all the fashion stuff that he is a little concerned about his fascination with this subject matter but they would be back after the break anyway. :) 

I am so amazed by the men and women in our armed services - how great are you guys? I want to publicly state for my loyal 21 followers (would really love to have some more by the way - feel free to sign up :) and of course my Mom who reads my blog that I am so appreciative of the amazing job that they do and the sacrifice that their families give every single day. 

Poor Bob Woodruff - I am not totally sure he is over his head trauma - he was just a little shaky if you ask me. If you have not read the book about how he got hurt and got better - do it - such a good read and it will make you kiss your husband good night! 

I was in the 3rd grade when the Challenger exploded and I remember A LOT about that day. I told the BBG who is in First Grade that she needs to remember this day - such a big deal. I really think I am going to always tell the story of this day - that the two little ones and I stayed home and watched and reclaimed the game room floor. I want to remember what it was like to be stuck at home with little kids and a messy house. I want to remember the momentousness of this. I really think I will be telling this story - hence the speedy typing. 

I am totally cracking up at the pictures of 30 million cameras. I would have to bring like 4 memory cards because I would have just been going click click click  click. 

I told my 2 and 4 year olds that today was a piece of history and they both said - in unison -- "histowy"? :) I want to remember that. My 2 year old son was also very confused by my TV watching today. I normally make a point to watch no TV while the kids are awake during the day

I LOVED it when the little girl (man she looked young) from the Armed Services that got to dance with President Obama at whatever ball it was and Ann Curry asked her if she was nervous and she said - (Quote of the day by the way) "Ma'am - I'm a soldier - we can handle pressure." 

How sad that Tim Russert did not get to be there? He would have loved this. 

How excited is Laura Bush to be in a bed in Texas? 

How cute was Dr. Biden's outfit today? LOVED the red coat. LOVED those boots. I would have been crippled if I had walked all day in those boots but oh so so so cute. 

How great were the Obama girls jackets - I bet J Crew got a bunch of hits today. Of course Mrs. Obama looked amazing as well. 

I had no idea that Chief Justice Roberts is the youngest Chief Justice we have had in 200 years. 

Well - I have probably rambled on enough - gotta get to bed so I am not sleepy tomorrow. :) 

Much love! 



JANE said...

I loved watching it too!!! In fact my oldest had a class today so we were out when it started, so on goes the DVR!! I loved being able to fill the kids in on who some of the people were. And like you, Lincoln's Bible!!

heidi said...

I only got to watch bits and pieces of it, but it was a great day in history. I saved the paper for my kids - got one for each of them - for when they're older.