Monday, January 26, 2009

Inguinal Hernia

Well - here goes my bloggy friends - all you ever wanted to know about an Inguinal Hernia. Yes my Ladybug has an Inguinal Hernia. At about 37 weeks gestation (The Ladybug was finally forced into this world at 41 weeks after hours of inducement - she was really happy in there eating Chocolate Cookies and having the Mommy sing to her) 98 percent of babies have these two little holes that close. The other 2 percent - wind up with an Inguinal Hernia. 

If you are so inclined - you can read HERE and HERE all about them. Fortunately for my Ladybug we have the best pediatric surgeon in the Metroplex and it is a much easier procedure than it used to be. We are still of course freaked out and praying like crazy so a nice forward of this post to all of your praying bloggy buddies would be MUCH appreciated! 

She is scheduled for surgery on February 6th and we have to keep her quiet until then so I had to go into school today and talk with the nurse and the PE teacher and her First Grade Teacher (all of whom we HEART!) 

Anyway - gotta go work on my Not Me post - I bet I will have a bunch! 

:) Much Love 



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