Monday, January 19, 2009

I am NOT stuck.....

I am not at a total loss for funny Not Me's this week. 

I am NOT a little confounded by Twitter. 

I did NOT pop a Pug named Penelope this week - that would be Pug torture and Pug Protective Services would probably set up a patrol on my doorstep. 

The aforementioned pug did not get caught going pee on the floor. 

My four year old daughter did NOT look at me in the changing room after a swimming party this weekend and ask me - "Mommy - why do you have fuw down thew?" 

I did NOT just share a story on my blog of my child asking me why I have fur down there. 

My answer was NOT - "remember Baby - we talked about how God made boys and girls different and that boys and girls grow up to be men and women?" 

To which my Sweet Middle Child did NOT ask - "So Mommy - I am going to look like you when I grow up?"

I did NOT hold my breath and say sort of sheepishly - "um yes" 

She did NOT grin, sigh and say "well that's a welief" 

Then the conversation ( as well as this post) was NOT over!) 


JANE said...

OK my 3 yr old came in the bathroom after I got out of the shower and asked what that was, I said "hair", she said "take it off"! Too funny both of them on the same day!!

LucieP said...

oh my goodness that is great!

i dont have any girls but I just broke the news to my 8 yr old that babies don't come out of our butts!