Saturday, November 1, 2008

I learned a lot today about.....


So in my work life after college (I rode horses and waited tables during my college years which were, incidentally, the 7 year  college years for a 4 year degree but that is another story for another day) 

I worked in Sales but it was for an Auto Auction so what I sold was our service - no product. After my first was born - I started teaching (The auto auction job came along right after college, was fun and lucrative so I held off teaching for a while) 

but anyway - I digress - again

 I have never been involved in selling a product of any kind. I foolishly thought that because my bows were light - they would be cheap to ship. (I mean one stamp kind of cheap) As a matter of fact - I mailed 5 bows out on Thursday to 5 of you with one stamp. My new friend Bart at the UPS store said that one of two things is going to happen - either it will be returned to me - OR they MIGHT be nice and let it slip through - just depends. (I will be emailing that 5 with an explanation on where their bows are later today)

The real cost to ship one of my bows is 1.74 plus the cost of the envelope SO long story short - I am going to go with a flat $3 shipping and handling charge which is actually what I have on my sidebar BUT I keep telling people that I would be happy to wave that because I was thinking it was no big deal but 2-3 bucks each time - well - that will add up and the BD is already asking a lot of questions about the little business - I need to start making money - fast!!!!! 

On another note - thank you guys so much for the ETSY recommendations. I am going to get my shop set up during nap today!!!! I also think that will be great so that the blog can be the blog and the shop can be the shop. I am going to take down my slide shows at the top and just enjoy blogging here and sell there - NOW don't get me wrong - always feel free to email me in your orders!!!! :) I really do feel like I have a GREAT product that I sell for SO MUCH CHEAPER than you can buy anywhere else and with such personal touches. 

I am working today on a Nebraska Cornhuskers bow band - I mean - how great is that? 

:) Well - that is enough shop talk for today - I am going to post all about Halloween later but for now......

Off to SOCCER!