Saturday, November 29, 2008

Morning, Merry SITSmas!, Thanksgiving Recap, Bow Bloggy Business - AKA - Way Too Long of a Title

OK I could not be more excited - The Secret is in the Sauce is having a Merry SITSmas on December 2nd and guess whose name is up there as we speak - yes - us at humble I Heart Bowheads!!!!!!!!! Hooray - Yipppeee - Mucho Excitement - Holy Cow - Sarah Jessica Parker - I need to get making some bows!!!!!!!! 

Anyway - several things to post about today - I am in the blogging weeds

 A - Thanksgiving - may more pics to come but I did have to quickly say that it went really really well )as the Little Buddy would say). All 20 people happy, well fed, minimal drama, big fun. A couple of things that I pulled off that I am somewhat proud of and feel the need to share.......

The Homemade Placemats - they turned out cute (I thought) and the table looked really festive!
Crockpot Corner
I highly recommend this! I will post my mashed potato recipe later (speaking of - we did have a potatoe/potato tomatoe/tomato discussion that I failed miserably (I was already hitting the adult beverages mind you) and made my SIL's night I am sure. But anyway - that is neither here nor there - the important things are A. Crockpot Corner worked great - two different family recipes of green bean casserole (yes we have the great canned versus frozen divide amongst our families - we are working very hard to bridge the gap and still live in peace), two crockpots full of mashed potatoes, and a big one of stuffing. Worked out Great and B. I have got to fix those blinds in my kitchen - good grief - I looked at this picture and went - egads! 
Now on to B - some bloggy bow business - if you are a first timer here at I Heart Bowheads - welcome - greetings - happy to have you - very exciting - please follow me - I am 13 followers strong at the moment and follow my followers (read stalk) obsessively so join in the bloggy love I say! 

Sigh - digressing again - sorry - back on point - anyway - I also make hairbows - most specifically - cute baby clips and awesome ponytail holders. The ponytail holders I would say are my specialty. :) I can and do make big girl bows on big girl clips but have found that there are a MILLION Moms out there just like me that make wonderful big fancy bows and I would not dare to compete with their greatness. What I make for my girls (and my neighbors and the soccer team and the pta and so on and so forth) that has been very successful is the ponytail holders. Now - this part of my post is getting long winded - don't go away - don't stop reading - I will stop typing now - wait I am still typing - what is the matter with me.
Long Bow story short - these are some examples of what I make - I have so many cute Christmas ones right now - I can't even get pictures made fast enough - I can make pretty much anything - you name the outfit - I will have a blast making the ponytail holder or bow. 
The best part about me - I am in this for the blog (I should have named it I Heart Blogging) AND to make quality things that my friends can actually afford. 
I do have a shop up at Funky Finds - you can click on it in my sidebar - also - just email me and I will make them for you! I only charge 3 dollars per ponytail holder plus shipping and paypal fees so email away!

Now - all done with my sales pitch - I am off to see Madagascar II with the fam and then home to put my bow basket together for SITSmas and blog about Thanksgiving. 



KDLOST said...

:) Merry SITSmas!

CUTE bows!

silverdot said...

I love your bows! I'll check them out for my niece. So, what's happening with Sarah Jessica Parker??

heidi said...

Those placemats are ADORABLE!!! I love your bows, too. If you ever wanna do a Freebie Friday with me, just email me and let me know. We'll get some more traffic headed your way.

Natalie said...

those are very very cute. i have started using the pony tail holders more than bows because they seem to stay in better on my very active little girl!!! the ribbon ones are very cute. i hope you make lots of sales very soon!!!