Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me Monday!!!!!

Ahhh another Not Me Monday - what is a little sad is that as I go through my week there will be several occasions where I think,  "hmm that would be a perfect Not Me". Then I sit down to type it out and my brain turns to mush.  Let's see this week.....

We did not get strep throat 

I did not let the B Squared run around in a T Shirt and no diaper all day just because he wanted to be "nekky" and just leave the bottle of resolve out on the counter so I was ready when he peed on the floor. 

I never ever disagreed with the handsome and kind BD - we are in perfect sync regarding all things - all the time. 

Never at any time during any Halloween festivity did I ever for even one minute - wish it was over. 

I never dropped the camera. 

I never cussed (even in my head). 

and - as always....

My van was the picture of cleanliness and nothing that could ever be described as a culture ever grew there.