Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting and Sick Kids

Thank Goodness I voted last week!!!!!! We have a strep throater, a gunky cougher, and a wheezer over here so there is no way I would have made it. 

I do have to encourage those of you with young children that my kids had a GREAT time in line to vote last week. We waited maybe 20 minutes and they thought the whole thing was so neat. They got stickers and I let them each have a piece of candy in line (hey - I believe in the power of a bribe - no strike that I mean positive incentive - so should you :) Anyway - although before I voted I would have said that my experience was made harder by the little ones - I would say now that my experience was made sweeter. I felt proud. I was proud to vote. I was proud to show them that they get to make a difference and I was very proud to be an American. 

Since I am always looking for life lessons for the kids - this was a pretty special one! 

I encourage you not to miss it. I did not vote in the last presidential election because of the kids - the SMC was just a tiny baby and I was intimidated by going to vote with a 2 year old and a baby. I so wish I had but I am sure glad that I made it right this time


that girl said...

yeah for you! I always brought my kids with..even when they were babies in strollers..I figured it was my right and if someone had to put up with it, the kids, for a bit, so be it.

I still have not voted yet today. we are waiting for my husband to get home and then the four of us are going. my son is ten and my daughter, seven. they want to go and I say great.

Natalie said...

great job voting early. i went earlier today and i am glad i did. i didn't get to vote in the primaries because both of my kids had a stomach virus!!!