Friday, June 19, 2009

A Tale of a Tonsillectomy

Once upon a time - there was a beautiful princess. Now this princess has actually been on another similar adventure this year. You can read about it HERE. 

Well - this Princess had a bum set of tonsils and adeniods and it was time for them to go! 

The Princess dressed in her finest gown, grabbed the King and the Queen of the household, and headed out to this amazing place. Where they really do know how to treat royalty. 
Here the Princess was greeted by the official greeter. She introduced her to the Kingdom and gave her a passport that she signed. 
Our next adventure in the Kingdom was to gather all vital and pertinant information. 
The Princess handled all of this with the dignity and Grace befitting a Princess. 
The monkeys on the Princess's gown did not care to be squeezed quite so tightly. 
The entire Royal family was given jewelry. 
Even Fluffy, the loyal companion of the princess found himself on the receiving end of the jewelry giving. 
The Princess got to pick out what flavor of mask she would like to have. The funniest part of this was soon after surgery she asked me, "Mommy - where is the Watermelon mask?" That is good giggle juice - she remembers nothing! :0 
Even the Strongest Princess needs a good Daddy King to lean on. 
Listening to instructions 
Silly Princess! 
Another wonderful thing about the Kingdom was the fact that they really know how to pick some good TV shows! The Princess was pleased with the selections! 
The King Daddy and the Princess playing a little pre-surgery game. 
A moment of fuss - the worst part of the whole thing was the fact that they do not allow Princesses in this kingdom to eat after 8:00 - this a tough thing on a Princess! 
This is a very good Princess with a very faithful companion so they managed to rally back. 
Here the King and Queen had to say Good-bye to the Princess. :( 
Now comes the hard part. The Kingdom's doctor had worked his magic and done a fantastic job. His exact words were, "she was goofy as all get out - she thoroughly enjoyed her giggle juice - and she did great!" 

It is tough to get separated from the King and Queen and have something big happen and we want to tell the entire story so this is Fluffy the companion and the Princess in the Step Down recovery. This part was hard on the King and Queen's hearts. 
Fortunately the King is rarely without a gadget and the Master Nurses at the Kingdom have some very impressive medicine so all was soon calm. 
This was a groggy Princess and Co heading to the potty. 
Here the novelty of the wheelchair has really lifted the grogginess! 
The Princess leaving the Kingdom. 
Driving home with the Queen next to her in the back seat. The reading lasted about a minute - then the napping began. 
This is the GINORMOUS bottle of medicine that the King picked up soon after our return. Sweet Sarah Jessica Parker! 
The Princess happily resting in the King and Queen's bed eating her Royal Mashed Potatoes! 

and the Kingdom is quiet now so the Queen Mommy can actually get this post up 5 hours and 20 minutes after our big surgery!!!!!!! 

******** One final note - this entire experience was nerve wracking and stressful and we were taking a very healthy little girl in for a VERY routine procedure. I prayed so hard while I was there for the other Princes and Princesses and Kings and Queens in that big Castle that helps care for so many with problems very big and very small. I am DETERMINED to find a way to help out parents that face what I faced today times a million and every day. I am going to research ways to give or help Ronald McDonald houses or the hospital directly but would love to hear any suggestions! *************


Foursons said...

How old is princess? She looks like she is doing great- so much better than my boys did. Keep on top of the pain medication for a couple of days, even if it seems like she doesn't need it. It's so hard to catch up to the pain once it has set in. Much easier to stay ahead of it. (Sorry, you may have known that already!)

Bethany said...

It looks like she did a great job! I can imagine that would be stressful especially on Mommy & Daddy when the kiddos are that young. Hope she heals well!

Anonymous said...

Holly I loved every bit of your blog I'm glad every thing went so well kiss the little princess for me & tell her I'm proud of her
Did you remember the home again home again jiggy jig? You used to
say that every time we had you in the car,
Love Doey & Rich

Wendyburd1 said...

Princess is such a trouper!! I am glad it all went so well!

blessedintexas said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. So glad it went well.

Delectable Dining said...

I'm so glad everything went well!

Sturgmom said...

Looks like she's recovering wonderfully. One of my boys had to have his adenoids out last summer. It was hard for him to come out of the anesthesia. I hope we don't have to do it again!