Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Story of a trip to a Hospital

Once Upon A Time....

There was a Brave Little Girl named Grace 
Who had a little problem (turned out to be two little problems) and had to go visit a Pediatric Surgery Center to have it fixed. 

The Little Girl had a Brave Daddy (who likes to play with toys and video games as much as the children) and a Brave Mommy (who is not pictured because she is also the family papparazzi). Notice how sweet and good the Brave Little Girl sat and read her book with her dolly Lucy in the waiting room. 
Did I mention that the Little Girl is also very pretty? (Although this opinion might be somewhat biased by the storyteller.)
  Still....... such a good and sweet little girl. 
Here is the Little Girl after she was given her Giggle Juice. (At this point the Mommy was very tempted to ask if they had any Mommy Giggle juice but refrained from asking said question in case the nurses might find it in poor taste.) 
The Mommy also had to sneak a picture of this after her surgery because - come on - how cute? Look at her little toeS. That was also where they had her iv which she did not even seem to notice. 
This made the Mommy REALLY smile because this was right after surgery. She was in the bed - very groggy. I busted out the comment and she busted out the smile. Surely I don't take too many pictures of them - right? 
In the story there was also a Brave Pediatric Surgeon. He was very smart and very funny and wrote YES on the correct side. We knew that there was a hernia on the right side. We did not know at the time that there was also a hernia on the left side. He looked with his teeny tiny little camera and then had to make a second incision to repair the other side. 

This is the Brave Little Girl leaving the hospital. They really hook you up in there. 
This is the Brave Little Girl saying Good Bye and also saying 


Anonymous said...

I can't believe through all of that she was still smiling that big!

Wendyburd1 said...

She was so bloody brave! I mean I agree, look at all the smiling!!She is amazing!

Heather said...

What a little trooper! I'm sooooo glad she did well.

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

What a great way to tell your story! Glad everything went well.

When Sassy had surgery this summer, I DID ask for a "to go" cup of that "good stuff"! Apparently, they were out of to go cups.

Natalie said...

i'm the family paparazzi too! and i really wanted to ask for mommy giggle juice when my daughter had to have tubes put in her ears and her tonsils and adenoids taken out. oh and I LOVE the toes picture! too cute! glad she is feeling better. thanks for letting us pray for your pretty daddy's girl!

Sturgmom said...

Wow- it looks like she blew through that with flying colors! She's even smiling!! Hope y'all are all doing well!

heidi said...

Oh! Look at her beautifulk smile throughout the WHOLE ordeal! WHat an awesome girl she is!!

So they found one on the left side, too? But it's all fixed up now, right? Is she going to need much follow up?

How is the little trooper feeling today?

Pixeltrash said...

Awe... She's so cute. I'm glad everything went well with her surgery. Love the way they marked the sides in marker. Like a little tatoo.