Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Heart the Spotted Box!

So way back when the I Heart Bowheads blog was born - I actually did make and occasionally sell - well - bows. I found this awesome amazing thing called The Spotted Box. I stopped making and selling bows (three kids - really no time) BUT every month I make and send off 60 bows to the box for two reasons - always looking for readers - you know me and Uncle Kracker - we want those followers - AND because I get a box - every month!!!!!!!!!!! The box is filled with great stuff as you will see below.....

I got so many cute things in this months box  that I could not possibly blog them all - here are a few standouts in my mind. :) 

How adorable is this Raspberry Lollipop ( not a great pictures - sorry? from Simply Heaven Lollipop Shoppe? 

This is the nicest stationary from T and Little S Designs - the card says "Time Passes....friendship stays right where it's put!" 
I know exactly who I am sending this one too!

This is the BEST playdough EVER - I nearly died it smelled so good. It is from Sublime Playdough and I gave it to the Little Buddy one day while the girls were at school - he would not let it go! 

Know what this is? A beanbag! It is going straight into an Easter Basket (as is the above lollipop). It is from Thought of Ewe and came with a nice little shpiel about how great beanbags are and all the stuff you can do with them! 

Check out these cute earrings (once again - sorry for the photography - did it with my phone) BUT these are ALL for the Mommy! I am wearing them to church tomorrow!
I think I saw that this one was the Best of the Box - it is a Chenille Chef Play Food sample - a little ice cream cone! (Once again - going in an Easter Basket) AND I will be shopping with her as well. Did I mention that you get tons and tons of gift certificates and coupons also? Ooops - should have mentioned that up front - I love shopping online after I get my box. :) I tell my hubby that I am doing my part to support the other Mom Vendors. 

AND - last but not least - I Heart Bowheads so how excited am I going to be to put the Noodle in this fabulous black and white polka dotted bow from Polkatotboutique? You know me - VERY excited. :) 
Go check out The Spotted Box! I am telling you - it is like Christmas once a month! :) 


tscrapper said...

Thank you so much for featuring my card! I'm glad that you love it and can use it. I also *heart* The Spotted Box!

T and Little S Designs

Crys ~ Wee Ones said...

you are most welcome :)
Crys - Silver Huggers

Sturgmom said...

I have heard of The Spotted Box before, but forgot about it! I'll have to check it out again! Looks like you got some great stuff!

Wendyburd1 said...

That is so cool!!

natesgirl said...

saw you in the box!! I blogged about you!