Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday!

We did not have an ear infection come and live in an ear in this house this week! 

We did not have to start doing breathing treatments for the Noodle again this week! 

I was not just bragging (to a very good friend who loves me even when I brag) that we have had a pretty good cold and flu season and I credit that to my refusal to go to indoor play places and the fact that I try to stick to organic whole foods. 

This would not be considered a jinx - right? 

I do not secretly hate the month of February because of cold and flu season. 

I am NOT going out to eat on March 1st with my best friend (who has 3 boys under the age of 6) to celebrate the fact that we survived February. 

I did NOT tell my bloggy bff Heidi about this event and now she is NOT going to go out with one of her best friends and dump - I mean - leave their 8 children at home with the Daddy's to go and celebrate the same event! 

We are NOT talking about making some kind of bloggy carnival out of it. :)  

I do NOT highly recommend setting this up for yourself. It is  certainly NOT important to have survival goals. 

I am not becoming almost as big of a preservative nut as I am a germaphobe. 

My husband does NOT ever worry that I might be losing my mind. :) 

Now to top all of that off about how healthy we eat.........

There Is No WAY that I 

ate Buffalo Chicken Tenders with ranch dressing and drank not one but TWO margaritas at Studio Movie Grill last night with the BD and LOVED every single second of it......

Not ME!!!! 


Tam said...

LOVED your NOT ME MONDAY...hmmm If I Were to do this..I think I could copy some of YOUR ANSWERS...LOL LOL

heidi said...

Wooohoooo!! I can't wait for the end of February!

Thanks for the fabulous idea and the kick in the pants to put it into motion.

Little Moos and Mommy Too......... said...

You did NOT get me to smile while I read this... okay you did! Just stopping in to say Hi!