Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Things

I just did this for Facebook - thought it would be a good blog post. :)

25 Random Things about Me! 

1. I am still crazy in love with my husband
2. I can say the alphabet backwards – really fast.
3. The man that speaks to me from my new navigation system in my car is named Lee. He speaks to me in a soothing Australian accent, never feels upset when I go the wrong way, and is very handsome in my head. I do not feel guilty about my relationship with Lee since my husband helped me find just the right accent.
4. My biggest pet peeves are people that are two faced and people that don’t return my phone calls.
5. I wanted to be a Marine Biologist when I was little until I discovered that I am afraid of deep water!
6. I am afraid of frogs – really afraid of frogs.
7. I did ride horses (English) for a long time. The biggest jump I ever jumped (while riding a horse) was 4’3”.
8. I was in ICU 10 days before my wedding.
9. When I get old – I am totally gonna get a big bow hat like Aretha Franklin.
10. My husband likes to tease me about the way that I talk with my hands.
11. I am basically about to cry because I just asked my hubby to name some random things about me – numbers 12 -16 are his…..
12. I have an Irish Temper.
13. I am a swimming machine. (I really do enjoy Master Swim)
14. I am the Best Mom ever ( have I mentioned that I am still crazy in love with the Best Daddy?)
15. You are – I mean I am defiantly not a morning person.
16. I am a big fan of German wine – particularly Riesling.

17. I have a totally new respect for my Mom now that I am a Mom.
18. I rock at Mario Cart but I still can’t always beat the Best Daddy.
19. The Best Daddy has completely driven all competitive spirit from me. I have quit trying to win. It is impossible and I am happier better person for not trying to beat him anymore.
20. Ich will Deutsch lernen.
21. I might wind up living in Germany and we have big plans of lots of great weekend getaways.
22. A ponytail is my favorite – wait strike that – only hairstyle.
23. I love my Mac. I am a total Mac person now and really love my iPhone.
24. I photograph my children relentlessly.
25. I feel the need to name every car that I own.


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Can you change the voice on your nav system? Mine is a chic with a robot-sounding voice named Dena. I drive a Denali. Get it?

Sorry I haven't been keeping up. I lost your address.

Anonymous said...

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