Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Fhoto Finish Fiesta - Fiesty Flu Season!

Sigh - Cold and Flu season is still here and Strep Throat is in my house - again - my poor Ladybug - two weeks to the day after surgery - 8 hours to the minute after being cleared at the pediatric surgeons - has STREP THROAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I am going to go ahead and talk for just a sec here about our bloggy party! It all started when my best friend and I were lamenting cold and flu season - we have 6 children between the two of us and we share our daily trials and tribulations via long phone calls daily. We decided that when we survived this cold and flu season and the puking, snotting, fever running of our children ages 7,6,4,4,2, and 6 months - that we would go out to a Mommy dinner after March 1st - eat good food and raise a glass of wine to the joy of impending spring. 

Now - I have a bloggy BFF - she lives in Montana but I feel like I know her through her blog and she and I email back and forth - she has 4 of her own and poor thing - she has had a worse cold and flu season than I have I think! Anyway - Heidi - talked to her BFF and is planning a similar dinner out! 

Thus the bloggy party was born - we want to urge all you Mommy's out there to plan a dinner out with a girl friend - take pictures - have fun - and post about it! I am going to post the code for the button at some point - I think we should even do a giveaway for the most creative post or something (Heidi - what do you think?) Anyway - start planning my friends! More details coming!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


blessedintexas said...

Love the party idea. Nicholas and I just got over the flu and it was a booger trying to keep Rachel from catching it. Woo hoo, we are all well at the moment! Sorry to hear about Ladybug being sick. Please let me know if I can help out or run an errand for you or anything at all.

Sturgmom said...

How fun!! What a great party idea! But I don't have any bloggy buddies here in Central TX!

So sorry your ladybug is sick. I fear our time is coming. All 3 of my kiddos have been surprisingly healthy. KNOCK ON WOOD!!!

heidi said...

No WAY - she has strep?? Seriously??? I know longer gold the title - it's all you. *bows down* Poor little bug. :-(

I'm always up for a conest BTW - just lmk what you're thinking!

Happy Campers said...

I hope she feels better!!!

Candid Carrie said...

I am glad you can't catch THAT virus via the internet! Strep is so painful! I had it two years ago and just the thought of it again makes me wince in pain, like swallowing glass.

Poor girl, but she is adorable when she is all sick-like.

Happy Fx4,