Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hi Lo Thursday

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Hi/Lo Thursday 




Yes folks - I am talking about pooping - one on antibiotics - one just came off of tylenol with codeine - yes - we are talking about pooping in our house this week - a lot - it has been a High and a Low 

A High!!!!! 
Heidi and I are working up an awesome bloggy carnival - more details to come but I will give you a little hint. :) 
A High and a Low

Master swim this morning - ouch - I have done basically nothing the last two weeks except for take care of sick kids and eat so my body said - hey now slow down wait a minute lady - what are you doing?

A High

The Ladybug back at school post surgery!!!!! 

A Low 

The Noodle back on breathing treatments - sigh - oh well at least they are working! 

Hi hello to all of you! A BIG High is my bloggy friends!!!!!!!!!!! 


Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Bloggy carnival?!

JANE said...

Pooping High and Low, getting amental picture girl, LOL!!

heidi said...

Yay for ladybug and ugh for Noodle!

I'm working on my post. :-) I'm thinking Sunday?