Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Running Away From Home

So - we live in Texas 
we heart Texas BUT when we get even the slightest bit of ice - the whole world shuts down. We missed two days of school this week because of a little ice storm. Now - don't get me wrong - I am not complaining - I have NO idea how to drive on ice and have no business on the roads. This is also not to mention that we LOVE stay at home days around here and spent 3 days in our pj's in front of a fire, just being together

By the end of the third day - the girls had been getting a little restless and decided that they were going to run away. Thank you Junie B
for the great idea!

They decided ( my ladybug and my noodle ) to travel to the Elementary School. The reason being - there is food there. 

They proceeded to pack their bag - note one bag. The thinking here being that the Noodle is only 4, smaller, and would therefore get very tired walking to school so the Ladybug would need to do all the heavy lifting. 

Here is what they packed............
Some light reading
A Harmonica so that they could "sit around and sing sad songs...." (their words friends - not mine). I asked why sad songs?

 The Noodle very seriously says,

 "oh we would miss you so Mommy". 
A picture of themselves
(I thought this one was interesting but did not question it at the time - I should.)
and finally
One Nightgown (this was not my proudest moment my friends) - I asked what the thinking here was - they both looked at each other like, "hmmmm maybe should have thought that one through". 
The Ladyug's Piggy Bank - the thinking here was that the Ladybug was older and therefore would have more money saved by now in case - and I remind you these are their words - there were any "expenses" on the way to the elementary school. :) 

The Noodle did have the presence of mind to pack a fanny pack full of snacks and then ask me if they really had to go to the Elementary School or if they could just pretend to run away and go to the game room instead. I said that I thought that was a good idea and that night we read The Runaway Bunny - just to remember that the Mommy would have a hard time letting them go. :) 


heidi said...

Oh my goodness - how adorable!

Happy Campers said...

Precious. Just precious

Wendyburd1 said...

awwww they are so cute!!

Brandy said...

Thats just too stinkin cute ... my girls have never thought about running away yet I say yet cause Im sure the day will come ... lol.