Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tyson updates

Update from Molly last night :

Tyson is out of surgery. 5 hour surgery Ty needs no blood transfusion, no complications. They gave him an epidural and removed the entire lung, but nothing they could do on the heart. She’s waiting to see Tyson, and he is waiting to go to the CICU (Cardiac ICU). He is considered Critical Condition and the next 48 hours are important, but for now he is doing well.

Update this morning

He had a good night last night and was able to sleep most of it. He is not making much urine so that is a little worrisome (kidneys) and he just started more fluids and Lasix to help. Ummm there was lots of dark blood in the chest tubes so there was a chance of internal bleeding last night that had us really scared but turned out OK. He may need some blood today, some labs are low. He is breathing on his own and only on 1 liter of O2 which I am sure he will be able to keep up today and go with out the help. His epi is still in and delivers regular pain meds and will probably stay in till tomorrow.

All for now, he is doing better than expected, alert at times, watched some Thomas the Train last night, already had lots of visitors and is really looking good. Thanks for all the prayers and I will update tonight.