Thursday, June 18, 2009

Say a Prayer for my Ladybug!!!!!

She has surgery scheduled for tomorrow at 12:25 - no more tonsils or adenoids! I have so much to blog about when I get her up and well!!!!!

Until then.... I will keep posting updates on Twitter.




Rachel said...

oh, brave girl, I wish i could visit afterwards and give her a bear to cuddle:)
I do hope she gets well soonest! all our best wishes and prayrs.

Rachel said...

Will do. I am texting a few of my friends up at Cooks to see if they will be there today to put Grace under.

Let us know how she does- I know she will be great and so will you!!

Stacie said...

Hope all goes well with the surgery and that your little ladybug makes a quick recover!

Foursons said...

How'd it go? My boys went through this last December, so I kinda know what is to come in recovery. I pray it is fast, easy, and painless!