Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Not Me Monday - ummm Tuesday

Well let's see to start off with - 

This is not a Tuesday edition of Not Me Monday. 

I am never behind and always do things right on time. 

I did not wear my gym shorts to the gym backwards and inside out with a ginormous Nike tag hanging out of the back like some sort of ridiculous Cupcake, Mommy, Gangsta, trend setter type. 

No WAY I have lost 15 pounds! 

Sigh - no WAY I still have 15 more to lose.

I am NOT the only dork in spin class that has to hop off my bike and take a picture of my workout. I really am not the only person that I have ever seen do that. 

This is not the picture of my workout today. (That big fat number on the bottom right - that is not the number of calories that I burned!) 

I did not teach a 6 hour class on Saturday and there is no way that I made up my nice organic whole wheat pancake mix the night before the class and leave our Daddy the instructions to mix it up. 
I also did not document it (thinking of a blog post) and there is no way that I did that just so that he would not put them in the car and take them out to eat as is his custom when in charge. 

No one has had goldfish for breakfast this morning while in my care - how hypocritical of me would that be - not trusting the Best Daddy to make them breakfast but feeding them crackers for breakfast on my watch - not me! 

I am NOT about to have a second grader. 

I do NOT have to wrap up this post and head out to the 9 jillionth swim lesson that I have watched in the last couple of weeks. 

Not ME!