Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me Monday - San Diego Edition

I am NOT becoming quite the iPhone blogger. I am NOT thinking of continuing with this trend once I am home. I also did NOT borrow Hubby's computer tonight to finish up this post just so that I could link to McMama

Today we did NOT head to this place........

We did NOT have a great time and we did NOT learn anything new.

There is also no way that Mommy gets a bigger kick out of the Lego characters than the kids - that would be very goofy on the Mommy's part.

I do NOT have very cute children. I am also NOT at this point asking you to put this one in your prayers for Friday when she has her tonsils and adenoids removed. Yes - if you are a follower - this is the same child that already had a surgery this year! I will not remind you of that by sending you to this post HERE and asking you to start praying for our big day this Friday!

I am not all about hands on learning. I was not more excited about this than my children were - that would be goofy - um - again.

There is no way that the only picture that I am putting of myself on the blog would be the picture that the Ladybug took of me in the goofy (yes - a theme is developing here) 4D glasses at the Bob the Builder show.

I did NOT have a child slip and put a foot in the water while climbing on a boat ride. This did not happen while I was talking on my phone and while she was under my care. She did not ride the remainder of the ride with said shoe riding up behind her sister so that it could dry out a little before we hit dry land.

We did not watch a goofy fireman shoe and I was not the only member of my family that laughed out loud.

I do not think that this little guy is the cutest thing ever and there is no way that I can't stop taking pictures of his little hands on the rides.

The Daddy and the girls did not ride this for the second time today and laugh their heads off! I did not wonder if the Noodle was going to puke up cheeseburger. There is no way that she has had WAY more cheeseburgers to eat than any 4 year old should consume in a week.

This is not a picture of a little man lamenting his height and inability to ride with Sisters and Daddy. I did not have him turn back around because I missed the first photo op.

I did not refuse to ride this ride on our first day but then decide that it was against the new Cupcake code to sit out of anything fun and I rode it! I did not have an amazing time and I did not giggle harder than the girls as we were spinning wildly around.

Once again - goofy.

We did not return back to the hotel to brave the cold - yes Texas friends - I said - brave the cold. The pool is heated and every night we last about 15 minutes and then all 5 of us hit the hot tub!

I also did not groan when the Noodle had to use the bathroom and I did not get a good laugh from the people in the hot tub when I mentioned that she and I were on a quest to visit every bathroom in North America.

We do not have to come up with elaborate turn taking systems because of this silly little contraption pictured below. We never have anyone cry or scream because of it and we for sure never have to push buttons twice or ride twice to make people happy.

I did not take a picture of these two because they are such peas in a pod. We did not allow WAY too much ipod use this vacation. The children are not going to go into shock when we go back home and I bust out the wood blocks to play with and organic granola to eat. :)

I do not have a very funny husband who is a great Daddy and we did not end this day as we started it - with our breathing treatment.

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Stacie said...

LOL got a kick out this post!! Pictures were great. I wish DJ would have gotten his anoids and tonsils out at the same time! I hope she does well with the surgery and recovers quickly!