Thursday, May 14, 2009

An Award


I won an award! Liz at Avo Creations 

gave me an award and I am supposed to list 7 awesome things about myself - this is not necessarily something I am great at - naming awesome stuff about myself so I am going to go ahead and name 7 awesome things in my life! 

1. I serve an Awesome God and I am so proud of that.

2. I have an Awesome husband. I have to say - he really is a good guy and we are lucky to have him. Does he have faults - well sure - we all do plus he is a man so what can you do? :) All in all - we love that Best Daddy and he can have the Awesome Dad award any day. 

3. I have an Awesome 7 year old - she is funny, pretty, smart, is hernia free, and will soon be tonsil and adenoid free! Been a big 7 year old year for her but she has handled everything like a complete champ! She is one Awesome Ladybug! 

4. I have an Awesome 4 year old - she is  quirky and sweet and a fighter and a lover all in one little bitty very noodle like body. :) Love that Noodle. Our Best Daddy is 6'5" and our Noodle is really trying hard to catch up to him quickly. At her last doctors appointment she was off the chart in height and we were excited that she had put on some pounds so that she could finally hit that 45 percentile for weight - like I said - a very long Noodle. While I am on the subject of the Noodle - the way that she earned her nickname was that even as a teeny tiny baby - she was so good and so relaxed. She loved Mommy's Milk and I could walk all over the house with her literally slung over my shoulder like a noodle (or sack of potatoes but Noodle was a much cuter nickname). Ok enough about that Awesome on to the the next.....

5. I have an Awesome 2 year old. Our first (and last and only) boy - the Brother Bear. He is his Daddy's Mini Me and such a special little guy. He has a wonderful story that I will share one day about how lucky we are that he is still here with us - it is it's own post so keep checking back for that one! 

6. I have an Awesome family -  a BUNCH of them so to help keep this post brief - I will just say 'nuff said on that one. 

7. I have Awesome friends - really really awesome girl friends both in bloggy land and real life. Friends that help me be a better Mom, a better wife, a better Christian, have a better body, pull off a healthier meal, not lose my mind - you know - all the things you need Awesome girl friends for! 

Now to pass on the award....... hmmmm let's see who is awesome - I say that if you come to my blog and read it and leave a comment - you are Awesome in my book! If I get more creative and want to narrow the pack down a little bit - I might come back and add some names but otherwise - if you are reading this - I say you win! 



Sturgmom said...

That first award made me laugh b/c my 6 yr. old is forver saying "awe-suuuuuuuum" and dragging it out forever.

T said...


love the header... now I just have to put it up and show it off!

Jane In The Jungle said...

I love these!! And you came up with some great awesomes!!!

Elizabeth said...

Great job! It must be award season because I left something special for you on my blog. It might just be an award for you!

Mama Nut said...

Congrats on your award! You sound "Awesuuumm"!

Love your blog! FOund it through the blog-vine, so to speak.

Have a great weekend!

Ellie-Jayne Designs said...

Great AWE-SUMMMMMMs! Congrats!