Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mantra Song of the Week

OK so I am a musical person - I am moved by music, inspired by music - pretty much live my life to a soundtrack. I have different songs for different situations. I work out harder to great music. My kitchen is cleaner when the music blares. My mood is better - my life is happier. Thought I would share my new favorite song of the week :)

The song is called Free to be Me and it is by Francesca Battistelli
The kids are cute - I have been playing this song a lot in the kitchen and they said "play the me song play the me song play the me song" :) (I just moved it to the top of my playlist - so it is the song playing first.) 

Gotta couple dents in my fender

Got a couple rips in my jeans

Try to put the pieces together 

Perfection is my enemy

On my own I'm so clumsy (the graphic below actually has the lyrics to ANOTHER Holly mantra song to be featured at a later date) 

But on your shoulders I can see

I'm Free to Be ME!!!!!