Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ready for Recital

It has begun - the yearly gathering of foofy things that we like to call - 

Recital is almost HERE!!!!!!!! 

Two little dancers this year - the Mommy is very excited because you will remember.....

I Heart Bowheads! 


Have a wonderful Sunday - please go squeeze your family. 


The Novelista Barista said...

awee recitals!

Yaya said...


Michelle said...

I cannot wait for Gracie to be old enough! Too cute!

So are you going to make the cookies?? *grins*

Michelle said...

I sorta know that Little Miss is really going to get into dance someday... and I'm so not into it. I love that you're excited. Can you pass some of that along to me when it's time? I hope it's great!

Rachel said...

How many costumes? Between my two girls I have toting 5.... I hope I don't forget a piece!!