Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not Me Monday

I love these Not Me's - they always make me laugh. I am excited because this is the first "Not Me Monday" that I get to participate in although I have been reading them from the beginning. My other blog I keep private so only friends and family can read.... oh man - digressing again..... ANYWAY - this is my first linking to McMama! Let's see if I don't mess it up.

First I need to think of some actual not me's ..... hmmmmm over here in perfect land gonna be kind of stretching .... (here of course you know that I am completely kidding)

This week I DID not....

Let the B Squared eat Cheese It's for breakfast on the morning that the SMC was sick because I really did not feel like making anything else and she wasn't eating anything anyway and the BBG was already off at school.

I DID not..... work on scrapbooking instead of working on the sinkful of dishes ( I for SURE did not do this more than once!)

I DID not feel INCREDIBLY relieved when the Softball team was down by one in the final inning of play and my child was nowhere near the batting order because I did not want to be the Mom of the kid that struck out in the bottom of the ninth.

I DID not (in this same game) jump to my feet like a hysterical fool when my child hit the ball knocking an innocent two year old quite literally off his feet.

I was never ever ever anything but a sweet, adoring wife to my big handsome husband who dotes on my every word and never watches any sports of any kind.

I NEVER EVER EVER EVER felt like locking a sweet, perfect, loving two year old in his room - never even once considered that one - nope.

and I for sure never ate anything this whole week that was unhealthy or high in calories in any way - nope




Mike and Katie said...

I've got three sport watchers with fanstasy footballs teams this year. January can't come quick enough!

Cute bows!

Krystal said...

Oh how I love fantasy football...NOT ME!

But I have to bite my tongue, cause he never complains about my blogging!

Weeksie50 said...

lol- great list..
Don't you just love Not Me Monday..

Sink - Bows
Sink - Bows

Yeah, I think I would have made bows too ..

Allmykids123 said...

Done the exact same thing about the kids games. I hate it when my son is up to bat.. I'm a nervous wreck..

Loved those bows!!

heidi said...

I never look forward to naptime for the 2 year old just so I can get some peace and stinkin' quiet. :-)