Saturday, October 25, 2008

From behind

So I am always taking my family's pictures from behind them. Now it is not that I love their cute little muffins (as we call bottoms in my house) but rather I think that is my perspective - behind them - in the background - watching - waiting to be needed - but just hanging back. As parents we do so much waiting and watching and laughing and smiling and grimacing and cringing and general observing - I really enjoy being in the background and I realized that today. We had our family pictures done today by Christie Lukas and I kept stepping out of the shot - behind the kids - wanting to go behind the camera with her. I am not a photographer - have never laid claim to that glorious talent but it turns out - that is where I am the most comfortable. I am excited to see our pictures and will share them if I am feeling brave. :) 


heidi said...

I love pictures from behind, too. It's a great perspective.