Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why I Heart My Farm (Alternatively titled: I Play Farmville - deal with it.)

OK - yes - I am on Facebook. I really enjoy Facebook. I know what the Flower Girl at my wedding is up to at College, thanks to Facebook. I have a GINORMOUS family that gets to have little glimpses of what the kids and I are up to - because of Facebook. I know about the lives of the people that I went to Elementary school with - because of Facebook.

Well - I also play a little game on Facebook:

farmville Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes - I play Farmville. There - I said it - I play Farmville. You know what - I'm going to say it again -

I Play Farmville

I love it. I am a stay at home Mom. I love my job. I would do nothing else but I am not going to lie to you people - it can get boring. It can get really boring but the whole gig is very hurry up and wait. You can't really watch a TV show because - there will be a million interruptions. I do like projects etc like Scrapbooking and crafting but - once again - you can't just do that for 5 minutes and then put it down again when your 3 year old wants to show you something that he is very proud of in the potty. Being a stay at home Mom just doesn't work like that.

Now - don't get me wrong - I will say again - I love what I do AND I spend a lot of really great quality time with my children. We play playdough and blocks and legos and I help with homework and watch plays, and do Barbie hair and fish Polly Pockets out of the toilet but there are moments when the children just want to sit down for a second and take a break from me (or vice versa). They are capable of playing with one another without my help and yes - gasp - they do watch TV sometimes - I know - I am airing all kinds of dirty laundry here.

Yes - I could clean every minute of every day. Yes - I could delve into the Latin that I have always meant to learn or reread King Lear but you know what - I like to do when I have a minute of free time here and a minute of free time there - I come stand in my kitchen - yes - stand in my kitchen - that is where my computer is and unless I drag a chair over no sitting around and eating bon bons for me people - nuh uh. Anyway - sorry I trailed off there - I like to jump on my computer. I check email, I check Facebook, I read blogs, I am starting to get into Twitter, and yes - I check my farm.

Now that I have rambled on and on I am going to move to the - "this post is getting too long - need to switch to bullet points in order to keep them interested" part of the program.......

Some Farmville Facts

* It is a mini community and I have more funny conversations with people that I would NEVER talk to because of it.

* My Mom farms now and I think it is a nice connection for us. Gives us something else to talk about besides how much she loves my children - a conversation a person can only have so many times. (Love you Mom - you totally know that I am going to call and read this to you before I hit Publish just to make sure I won't hurt your feelings.)

*You can farm for 5 minutes in a day or 5 hours. Basically you set up your farm how you want it so if I know that my husband is traveling, and it is crummy weather outside, and we have just set up a huge tent city in the game room that will keep the children busy for hours and I am bored out of my mind - I can farm a bunch OR I can set it up so that I don't have to look at it again for a week - totally my choice and these options work very well for my life which is basically warp speed or turtle speed with no in between.

Some misconceptions about Farmville

* I am sorry if it offends your eyeballs SO much to have me publish that I found a cow or finished a collection but guess what - that is HUGE news for my Farmville friends. We hit Publish not to torture you but to help our Farmville friends. Now I have never played any of the other Facebook games with cars and fish and mafia people but I assume that it is the same thing for them. Let me clue you in on a little Facebook secret if you feel that your eyes are just going to pop out of your head if you have to look at one more post about a fish or a potato - you can just hit hide. Do it - try it out - take the power for yourself and hit hide. Stop whining for the love of all things and just HIT HIDE! Seriously - you will feel great and I can keep playing my game. A win-win.

The animation is great, the connection with friends is awesome and I deserve a moment as mind numbing as sitting and staring at grown people throwing a ball around as much as the next guy.

PHEW - needed to get that one off my chest. Ahhh the beauty of blogging.


Bethany said...

I'm glad you enjoy it! I've played once or twice but just didn't get that into it. I know lots of friends who play though :)

Sage said...

I am also on Facebook and share with friends but never played Farmville yet; can't find the time.
Glad you enjoyed it. It seems everyone fro RecipeZaar is participating.

Michelle L. said...

I love you! You are singing my song! What a great diversion from our days that can drag on,huh? My kids are in school and I don't like to clean. I have a small part-time job, a few hours once a week. Otherwise, I am home alone for 5 days a week. I love Farmville and Facebook and blogging. Whew, I said it!
I came from SITS.

Sally said...

I haven't yet "learned" to farm but many of my friends do and they love it!!

You have a cute blog. Keep it up!!

Here from SITS.

Have a great day!! :)