Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday/Saturday Catch Up

First things first - my giveaway winners - I went with the generator but had a little trouble posting the widget so you guys are just gonna have to trust me :) I PROMISE that the winning numbers were 2,4, and 10. Now hold on - I mean I know you don't have to hold on because you will read this after I look but I am going to open another tab and look at whose comments are numbers 2,4, and 10......

The winners are..... Texas Holly, Aunt Freddie, and Prudent Patron - congrats!!!!!

Thank you Business 2 Blogger for hooking me up with Catherine Weiskopf!

Business 2 Blogger

Now I would like to do a quick Letters of Intent Driving Edition.
Dear people driving down the busy road that I have to turn off of to get to my street,
I live on that street. I just want to go home. I am terribly sorry that I need to slow down enough to make the right hand turn without flipping my mini van and I am terribly sorry that this is such an inconvienence for you on your busy commute. Please do not shake your fist or your head at me - it is really not nice.
Dear Guy sitting in your BMW in a right hand lane with the intention of going straight,
You are KILLING me. I have children to drop off. This is a school zone. PLEASE get in the left lane. There is no one there. If you are anywhere near a school zone and it's lights are flashing and you are sitting at a red light in the right hand lane - you are making someone late.
Dear lady in the fancy red porsche,
Thank you VERY much for the awesome laugh. The way that you turned your head completely to look at my mini van in horror was hysterical. Yes - I have small children. Yes - I drive a mini van that we call the Roach Coach and yes it is covered in stickers. We like it. You don't have to drive it - you don't even have to park next to me but your look of disgust was really funny.
Appreciate ya,


Foursons said...

What? I didn't win the giveaway? I thought I was gonna win them all!!! By the way- I got my magnet boxes in yesterday. Yea!!!

I am cracking up at the Porsche lady. She is just a bit to big for her britches, huh? Hahahaha

Thanks for trying to link up. I'm working with Brent Riggs right now, but honestly I'm not sure what is wrong!

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Ah, sad little Porsche lady has no idea what she's missing, does she? I'm sure she lives a rich, Porchey, LONELY life and would secretly give ANYTHING for just one ride in your Roach Coach!!

Thanks for sharing!

Texasholly said...

Whoo hoo! I won!

That is awesome. thanks!

The Prudent Patron said...

Hi There,

I couldn't figure out how to eamil you, but my email address is:
theprudentpatron at live dot com

Thanks so much!