Thursday, February 18, 2010

One small step for a Cupcake......

So - for me - part of being a Cupcake is doing - not watching.

Today, I was at the park with the Little Buddy and he said, "Come on Momma! Come down this slide with me." My immediate reaction was no and I think I even said, "Mommy is too big Buddy." Then I thought to myself - hey - you are not too big! You are a strong, fun, athletic, healthy person. (Good enough - smart enough and dog gone it - people like me - who was it that said that - a SNL character I think)

ANYHOO - I digress -

I said, "ok Buddy - you know what - I WILL go down that slide with you! Here is my thought process......

okidoki - I can do this - Good Grief that looks small

Well - here goes - better take a picture - this will make a good blog post.

Phew - very happy I did not land on my bottom.

ok - totally worth it! Look at his face - I am such an awesome Mom!!!!!

uh - sorry Buddy - Mommy's gotta draw a line somewhere


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Lisa said...

YAY! The look on his face is priceless. You go mama!

Foursons said...

So glad you made it down the slide. I have had a 9 month long recovery from a slide mishap.

blessedintexas said...

You rock girl!

Erin Bassett said...

Good for you!! It's so important to play with them.

He's such a cutie!

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Haha! What a great post! You ARE a great mommy!!

I'm so glad I found your blog, it's SWEET! LOVE your pictures! I'm your newest follower!